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Police debts. Poor police. Findings of the tvn24.pl portal

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The police repaid their multimillion-dollar debt last year, but they are already starting to get into debt again, according to tvn24.pl. At the end of last year, the situation was so bad that the Warsaw Police Department wanted police officers to pay for fuel for police cars from their own pockets. Now the only way to save the police budget is to use the fund to help Ukrainian citizens.

Financial problems in the police – which is the largest employer in Poland next to the army – intensified in the middle of last year. – We did not receive the state budget support in the amount we should have. Obviously, things got worse fuel prices and energy that have gone crazy, an official from the Ministry of the Interior tells the tvn24.pl portal, asking for anonymity.

The scale of the fuel bills alone is reflected in the numbers: the police have about 20,000 vehicles, which on average drive 20,000 kilometers a year.

Should the cops pay for themselves?

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Police cars are refueled at Orlen stations, officers regulate payments using Fleet cards. When budget problems arose, uniformed accountants stopped charging the cards. The policemen filled up and at the checkout it turned out that the cards “do not work”.

In mid-November, the head of one of the district headquarters in Warsaw sent a letter to his officers in this regard. In it, he described payment problems as “a frequent failure of terminals at Orlen stations”.

“In the event of the above, the vehicle user should pay the amount due from his own funds, which will be returned at a later date” – ordered commander Jarosław Szulc from the Wola police station.

Police officers should pay out-of-pocket fuel for police cars

The police have no money for fuelPolice officers should pay out-of-pocket fuel for police cars

According to our sources, a few hours after sending the letter, the commander realized that he had made a mistake.

He withdrew the letter, but it showed a desperate financial situation

The official version we received on Friday from the press officer of the Warsaw-Wola district police headquarters, Chief Commissioner Marta Sulowska, reads: “The letter of November 18 (Friday) contained erroneous information, which was immediately corrected after the weekend. I emphasize that none of our officers and employees did not incur costs related to refueling vehicles. There was never an obligation to pay with own funds, which was clearly indicated in the corrective letter.”

From debt to debt

As we reported on tvn24.pl, many suppliers and experts broke off their cooperation with the police. Uniforms across the country were in arrears with payments for translations, expertise, suppliers of ink for printers or toilet paper.

In view of the signals we have been receiving, in recent days we have asked the Police Headquarters questions about the current financial arrears of the Police, including: when was the last time the Police settled its debt for petrol via the Flota program; whether KGP really does not pay for the electricity supplied to the headquarters building. According to the official answers we have received, the police paid off all their debts a month ago, on the last day of February. In the same response, it was assured that now the police headquarters regulates its payments on an ongoing basis, and is not in arrears for electricity, heat or telephones.

Signals that provincial headquarters are already indebted and defer payments “as much as possible” reached the tvn24.pl editorial office from several provincial headquarters in the country. Our interlocutors estimate that small voivodship headquarters may already have about one million debts, larger ones even several million.

Rescue plan

– Minister (interior and administration) Mariusz Kaminski he is afraid of comparisons to the times of poverty of the Polish police in the 1990s. After all, the elections are coming, inside PIS he has many enemies who would gladly take advantage of his slips – says our interlocutor from the ministry.

As we established. in the building of the ministry, a “rescue plan” was created. The main assumption is to reach for money from the Aid Fund, which was established under the Act “on assistance to citizens Ukraine in connection with an armed conflict in that State’.

In practice, commanders sit over papers and prove how much fuel police cars burn every day, helping Ukrainians. Of course, the point is to show as much as possible – one of the commanders tells us anonymously.

– They want me to testify untruth. If I don’t, my officers will lose. That’s why I don’t want to take part in it, I filed a report – one of the officers tells us.

We also asked the National Police Headquarters about this: whether it initiated actions to make commanders prove how much of the operating costs of their units is generated by helping Ukrainian citizens. The main command confirmed that it is reaching out to the Relief Fund. “Each police unit verifies the needs on an ongoing basis and applies for an increase in subsidies. Ongoing verification of needs is aimed at reliably covering expenses related to the assistance to Ukraine from the Aid Fund, and thus the correct settlement of the funds allocated as part of the conducted reporting” – convinces inspector Mariusz Ciarka, spokesman chief of police.

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