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Police: He stole coins from vending machines, a scooter and a vacuum cleaner. He also broke the window of the tram

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Three burglary, two theft and damage to property, all crimes committed in recidivism conditions. The police detained a 34-year-old man who was allegedly breaking into vending machines attached to toilets and stealing coins from them. According to investigators, this is not his only offence. In total, the man was charged with six charges.

Operational policemen from the Department for Combating Crime against Property of the Warsaw VII District Police Headquarters dealt with the case of burglaries into money machines installed on the doors of toilets in a shopping center.

– According to the notifications, there were three such events within a dozen or so days – informs sub-inspector Joanna Węgrzyniak, press officer of the Warsaw VII District Police Commander.

Observation and detention

The police identified the culprit as a 34-year-old man known to them from previous criminal activities. In the past, the man had already been convicted of crimes against property.

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– Operations took action to arrest the suspect. In the meantime, during the ongoing analysis of reports received by the department, the police determined that the same man had committed several other acts. It was about two thefts, scooters from outside the school, as well as alcohol and a vacuum cleaner. The 34-year-old also damaged the tram, in which he broke the window, the policewoman reports.

A few days ago, property department officers undertook an observation of the area where the 34-year-old could appear. Soon after, the man was arrested.

Six charges

On the basis of the collected evidence, the man was charged with six charges, including burglary, theft and damage to property. – The suspect committed all the acts in the conditions of recidivism – informs sub-inspector Joanna Węgrzyniak. He partially pleaded guilty to the charges and faces up to 10 years in prison.

The proceedings in this case are being supervised by the Warsaw District Prosecutor’s Office Praga-Południe.

Main photo source: District Police Headquarters VII

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