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Police in Great Britain are looking for the perpetrator of an attack with a corrosive substance

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British police are conducting a manhunt to catch the attacker who seriously injured several people with acid in London last week. Among the injured are children. The suspect is Abdul Shokoor Ezedi – an Afghan who was granted asylum in the United Kingdom despite the fact that he had a conviction for a sexual offense. The case is therefore not only criminal, but also political.

This is the fifth day of the search for a 35-year-old man, whose trail was lost at the Tower Hill tube station in East London and who, according to the police, must be helped or hidden by someone, because the Afghan, injured as a result of the attack, would not have been able to avoid it for so long. capture. The monetary reward is intended to tempt his potential helpers and bring punishment to the perpetrator of one of the most terrifying attacks in recent years.

Last Wednesday evening, Abdul Shokoor Ezedi poured a corrosive substance on a 31-year-old woman with whom he was traveling in a car and her two daughters. The woman suffered serious injuries that, according to doctors, will change her life forever. A 3-year-old and an 8-year-old girl are in equally serious condition and, as a result of being doused with very concentrated sodium hydroxide or sodium carbonate, they will require specialist care for a long time. A total of 12 people were injured in the attack. These are the residents of the street where it happened, who heard the screams and rushed to help. The injured also include officers who came into contact with a corrosive substance at the scene.

Faulty regulations?

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The police are not calling the attack “terrorist” because so far all information indicates that the injured woman knew or even had an unofficial relationship with the man who poured a corrosive substance on her. However, the event causes great emotions, but also a lot of controversy. First of all, because the perpetrator of the attack is an immigrant who arrived on the islands illegally in 2016 and who was twice refused asylum. After the second time – in 2018 – the man was convicted of public exposure and sexual harassment. After his sentence, he was added to the sex offenders’ register. Despite this, two years later, he won his appeal to be granted refugee status and was granted the right to reside in the United Kingdom. According to unofficial information, the decisive factor in granting him asylum was his conversion to Christianity.

This aspect of the case particularly moved the former head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who began to point out holes in the system with new force and criticize her removal from the ministry for being too harsh towards immigrants. Suella Braverman stated that attending mass once a week for several months and becoming friends with the vicar allows you to set a baptism date and gives you “bingo”, because you are added by a member of the clergy to society as a God-fearing Christian who faces certain persecutions, if he is removed from the country to his homeland, where the majority are Muslims. This cynical comment from the far-right Tory meant that the British Prime Minister, who had already criticized the applicable regulations a few days ago, had to answer many difficult questions.

Election fuel

On Monday, the police searched the apartment of the wanted brother’s brother. However, no suspicious man was found there. However, the issue will certainly come back often. Especially in an election year when the issue of limiting immigration is crucial for conservatives because it remains an unfulfilled promise. Many harsh words are also directed at the police because they have not been able to find the perpetrator for five days.

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