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Police intervention against MP Kinga Gajewska. Former KSP non-commissioned officer Kamil Całek: actions disproportionate to the threat

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This is clearly the commander’s decision. We have no information why he took such actions, because in my opinion it is disproportionate to the scale of the threat – said Kamil Całek, former non-commissioned officer of the Warsaw Police Headquarters, on TVN24, commenting on the police intervention against MP Kinga Gajewska of the Civic Coalition. She was forcibly taken to the police car by the police and dragged into it. – Even if we accept the narrative that she committed an offense under Article 51 of the Code of Petty Offenses, we should remember that the MP has parliamentary immunity, said Całek.

On Tuesday, an MP from the Civic Coalition, Kinga Gajewska, was forcibly taken to a police car by police officers and pulled into it. The incident took place in Otwock, where the Prime Minister’s meeting was taking place Mateusz Morawiecki, recorded by the TVN24 camera. The Warsaw Police Headquarters, which issued announcements on this matter and published recordings from the camera worn on the uniform of one of the policemen. KSP stated that the police did not know that Gajewska was an MP. Gajewska herself, MP Paweł Zalewski present at the scene, as well as people in the crowd loudly informed the officers that they were intervening against the MP.

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The Warsaw Police informed that “this intervention is subject to explanations by the Control Department.” “We emphasize that today’s intervention was not an arrest. It involved taking the person suspected of committing an offense to a police car for identification purposes. The activities were discontinued immediately after the identification was presented,” added in another entry on the X platform (formerly Twitter).

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Former KSP non-commissioned officer: it’s clearly the commander’s decision

Dr. Kamil Całek, former non-commissioned officer of the Warsaw Police Headquarters, commented on the matter on Wednesday on TVN24. As he said, “the footage clearly shows that the MP followed the recommendations of the police officers, who also approached her in a civilized manner, it must be admitted, from the very beginning.” – She moved away from this place, gave back the sound device and declared that she was an MP – he added.

When asked why the actions were continued if Gajewska and the witnesses informed that she was an MP, he said that “the officers probably did not believe Mrs. Gajewska’s statement.” – However, it is difficult to draw such conclusions that the officers who provide security are usually the same officers, because from the Warsaw Police Headquarters, all these events in the capital city of Warsaw do not know the MP – added Całek.

– Apparently, the police were guided by some other reasons, factors that could imply some problems on the spot – he said.

Police intervention against MP Gajewska. Recordings from police camerasPolice_KSP

Integral: action disproportionate to the scale of the threat

In his opinion, “such a situation should absolutely not take place, with some kind of tussle between the representatives of the sovereign.”

– But I wouldn’t blame the policemen for this incident, it is clearly the commander’s decision – said a former KSP non-commissioned officer.

– We have no information why he undertook such activities here, because in my opinion it is disproportionate to the scale of the threat – he said. – We see many people involved in getting Mrs. Gajewska into the police car, and even if we accept the narrative that she committed this offense under Article 51 of the Code of Petty Offenses, let us remember that the MP has parliamentary, substantive, permanent immunity. It is not temporary, so everyone is well informed, especially at the Metropolitan Police Headquarters, on how to function and proceed at such a time – he added.

He said he did not remember anyone intervening like this against an MP or senator. – The forces and resources are also disproportionate to what happened, because the MP did not break the law in the sense that someone else was severely affected by it – he said. He added that the MP fulfilled her duties resulting from her mandate as an MP.

Pursuant to the provisions of Article 10 of the Act on the exercise of the mandate of a deputy and senator, “a deputy or senator may not be detained or arrested without the consent of the Sejm or Senate, except if he is caught in the act of committing a crime and if his arrest is necessary to ensure the proper course of proceedings.” .

Main photo source: TVN24

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