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Police intervention in the hospital. Joanna took the abortion pill. Renata Kijowska, a reporter from “Fakty”, comments on the actions of the police

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Yesterday, going to listen to what the spokesman of the Krakow police had to say, I expected some kind of apology. Nothing of the sort happened – Renata Kijowska, the author of the material about Joanna, commented on TVN24 on TVN24. This is a woman who admitted that she had taken abortifacients, and then – while in the hospital – she was searched by the police. Kijowska said that the conversation with the spokesperson of the Krakow police had already deprived her of “any illusions that there would be any room for reflection.”

Mrs. Joanna decided to take the abortion pill because the pregnancy was supposed to threaten her health. She felt bad both physically and mentally. She informed her doctor about it. In the Krakow hospital, she was interrogated and searched by the police. The officers took her laptop and phone.

SEE THE MATERIAL OF “FACTS” TVN: Joanna took the abortion pill. The police came to the hospital, took her laptop and phone

Joanna took the abortion pill. The police came to the hospital, took her laptop and phoneRenata Kijowska/Fakty TVN

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Kijowska: the conversation with the spokesman has already deprived me of all illusions

The author of the material, TVN “Facts” reporter Renata Kijowska on Thursday on TVN24 spoke, among other things, about the behavior of the police in this case, after the broadcast of the material. The journalist admitted that she was “amazed” by the reaction of uniformed officers.

– Yesterday, going to listen to what the spokesman of the Krakow police had to say, I expected some kind of apology, maybe not effusive, but still some admission, even a security one, that “we went too far in this intervention “. Nothing of the sort happened, she said.

As she continued, the first reaction in the form of a “disgusting” police statement in this case was “clearly an attempt to discredit our heroine.” – In the first sentence, colloquially speaking, the police tried to smear Joanna, to put in a very unbelievable light that she was an untrustworthy person. It seems to me a very ugly trick – she assessed referring to this way statements by the Krakow police in this case.

Later in the conversation, Renata Kijowska referred to the translations from the website spokesman of the KMP in Krakow, Deputy Commissioner Piotr Szpiecha.

– Later, the very conversation with the spokesman deprived me of any illusions that there would be any room for reflection, for decent behavior. It was evident from this conversation that there was no sense of shame, that they were not going there, they were not in this hospital to help Mrs. Joanna, which they allegedly indicated at the first moment, but to obtain evidence for something the journalist added.

Interventions in connection with the case of Ms. Joanna

In the case described by “Fakty”, TVN also issued a statement Ministry of Health.

“The information did not concern an abortion or the adoption of an early abortion pill, but a threat to the patient’s life,” the ministry said. He added that the police accompanied the emergency medical team, which went to the patient as a matter of urgency.

“From the medical point of view, the conduct of doctors and hospital staff was correct” – the Ministry of Health noted. At the same time, it indicated that police officers should be contacted with their superiors regarding the conduct of police officers.

The situation also met with reaction of the Supreme Medical Chamber, the Ombudsman and the Ombudsman for Patients’ Rights.

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Main photo source: TVN24

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