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Police – numerous vacancies and decreased credibility. Comments from politicians and experts

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There have not been such a number of vacancies in the Polish police since the 1990s. Moreover, there is a visible crisis related to the decline in credibility and social trust. Politicians and experts comment on the speech of the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration, Czesław Mroczek. Material from the “Poland and World” magazine.

We have been reporting for a long time that the situation in the police is bad and that it is difficult to staff posts and police stations, and now there is hard data to prove it. – The police force for 2024 is 108,909 positions, and the employment is 96,698, so the vacancy is 10,411 positions, which constituted 9.74 percent – says Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration Czesław Mroczek at a meeting of the parliamentary committee.

This means that there is not one in ten officers needed to properly police the force. The situation is the worst in the Silesian and Warsaw garrisons, where for every officer employed, as many as nine leave. retirement.

– This is a huge problem. It’s great that this was said yesterday by Deputy Minister Mroczek, who stated that the situation is close to threatening the internal security of the state – says Rafał Jankowski, chairman of NSZZ Policemen.

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The police are struggling with a decline in public trust

– This information confirms the serious crisis the police are facing, the image crisis and the related decline in credibility and social trust – says Czesław Mroczek.

This was related, among other things, to the use of the police by politicians to protect their particular and party interests. – I very much regret that the safety of citizens has become secondary, and political actions and keeping an eye on political dignitaries are more important – said Marta Wcisło from the Civic Coalition, talking about the effects of the rule of the United Right in recent years.

Former Deputy Minister of Interior and Administration during his government PIS Jarosław Zieliński defended himself by saying that “despite political attacks” in 2019 – the last year of his term in office, the “highest level of trust in the police in the entire 30 years” was achieved. – It is very difficult to really achieve such an effect, then the collapse occurred – he added.

– When it comes to trusting the police, it was enough not to force them to cut out confetti – replied Bartosz Romowicz from Poland 2050.

The police’s reputation has been damaged by the increased brutality seen in recent years against protesters at anti-government demonstrations. There are also other reasons, such as still low earnings, which last year for a student amounted to just over PLN 3.5 thousand. PLN, then for a policeman almost PLN 4.5 thousand. PLN – and all this for often demanding and thankless everyday work.

– We have to stop this begging. This salary must increase progressively, so that every policeman knows that after 15 years he will earn this much, and after 20 years this much – believes Rafał Jankowski.

Plans for changes in the police

Confidence in the police and morale in the formation itself could have been influenced by the suggestion of the police chief, Jarosław Szymczyk, who, after PiS’s defeats, elections he announced that if the provincial commanders and their deputies leave with him, they will have increased allowances, which will also increase their pension.

Now the changes are expected to last, and the acting Chief Inspector, Inspector Marek Boroń, is drawing up a road map to make the police an attractive career choice. – Increase in salary by 20 percent, changes in current regulations enabling return to service – he enumerates.

Wages are to be higher, training is to be simplified, and the career advancement path is to be transparent.

More effective promotional campaigns and close cooperation with police-oriented schools are also announced, the completion of which will be tantamount to passing police entrance exams.

Author:Michał Gołębiowski

Main photo source: DarSzach/Shutterstock

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