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Police officer Robert Kolasa fights for compensation. The prosecutor charged him on the basis of the testimony of a drug dealer

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He was a respected and awarded district officer. Everything until Robert Kolasa was arrested in front of his colleagues and spent over half a year in custody. He was slandered by a drug dealer, and the prosecutor did not verify his testimony because she needed success. The lawsuit for damages began on Thursday.

As a staff midshipman, Robert Kolasa brought suspects to justice. Now he is looking for her alone in court. – It is inscribed in the profession of a policeman, the risk (…) One vows “honour”, “homeland”. These are the most important words. And a man working in the police tries to keep this oath – explains Robert Kolasa, a former policeman.

Seven years ago, on December 13, Kolasa was handcuffed in front of his colleagues. He was supposed to be a gangster in police disguise. – I was supposed to be in Sweden at least twice a week and I was supposed to smuggle a large number of cigarettes that were in truck trailers – says the former policeman. – The depletion (of tax revenues – editor’s note) for the State Treasury was to exceed over one hundred million zlotys annually – he adds.

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The fight for justice

Kolasa would spend several days a week on ferries and on his way to a country he had never been to. Evidence was not taken into account. The drug dealer was believed. – Listen to a criminal who testifies against ten other people, including a police officer. Report the charges to the police officer. It’s like spitting, so to speak, ugly – thinks Marcin Miksza, a former policeman.

When Mr. Robert was arrested, he was not even allowed to call the children. – Converted into days, it is 219 days that prosecutor Nowicka took from my life – adds Robert Kolasa.

The prosecutor – using the accounts of repentant criminals – was supposed to climb the career ladder. The allegations against the policeman turned out to be fabricated. – The courts started to acquit the accused, other prosecutors started to drop the charges and discontinue the investigations, and now there is a big cleanup. The total amount of compensation and damages in the cases handled by Mrs Nowicka is two million zlotys – says Piotr Żytnicki from “Gazeta Wyborcza”.


Kolasa is demanding 950,000 zlotys in compensation for his unjust detention and ruined career. The state, on behalf of which the prosecutor continues to prosecute, will pay.

– The prosecutor is assessed as a very hard-working person. He is a responsible person, he works diligently – argues Łukasz Wawrzyniak from the District Prosecutor’s Office in Poznań.

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