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Police. Order from the Acting Chief of Police, Inspector Marek Boroń, regarding face coverings

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Police officers from prevention departments who intervene on the streets must not cover their faces – this is the order of the acting Chief of Police, Inspector Marek Boroń, which, as tvn24.pl found out, he passed on to the provincial commanders during a videoconference. The order does not apply to the activities of counter-terrorists or so-called “close-knit prevention units” that suppress, for example, riots.

Covering faces with chimneys or balaclavas by police officers has been criticized many times by experts and lawyers – on the one hand, it made it difficult to identify the policemen who intervened, and on the other hand, it gave the impression that they were ashamed of their actions.

Therefore, during the videoconference, the acting commander, Inspector Marek Boroń, allegedly explained his decision by the need for “transparency” in the actions of the officers subordinated to him – the tvn24.pl portal learned unofficially. This ban will not apply, for example, to police officers from criminal divisions, counter-terrorists or the activities of preventive units, for example against hooligans.

The boss also briefly commented on the matter on social media Ministry of Interior and Administration Marcin Kierwiński. He wrote about “the first effects of the work of the new Police Commander.” “The police must act transparently. This is what we promised. Well done, Commander M. Boroń,” we read in his entry on the X platform.

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We asked the Police Headquarters and the Ministry of Internal Affairs for comment. By the time of publication of the text, we had not received a response.

Wednesday also brought another change in the police: Mariusz Ciarka was dismissed from the position of spokesman for the Chief Police Commander. From now on, the police will have the face of a woman – Katarzyna Nowak. She herself already had experience in cooperation with the media as a spokesman for the Central Police Investigation Bureau, although at that time her surname was Balcer. She served at the Warsaw Police Headquarters and in the criminal division of the General Headquarters.

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