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Police. Trade unionists on the president’s veto. “The formation’s personnel crisis may deepen”

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The increases announced and recorded in the relevant regulations are now in question – wrote the Main Board of NSZZ Policemen in a position published on Sunday. “Yesterday’s decision by the President may be, for many of us, the last pebble that will tip the scales. The personnel crisis in the formation may deepen,” it added.

On Saturday evening, the president announced that he had decided to veto the budget-related act for 2024, which included the possibility of transferring PLN 3 billion to public media. There cannot be consent to this in view of the flagrant violation of the Constitution and the principles of a democratic state of law, he explained Andrzej Duda. He added that after the holidays he would submit his own bill to the Sejm, regarding, among others, raises for teachers and other expenses planned in the budget-related act.

“The presidential veto takes money from pre-school and beginner teachers, but abolishes the fireplace tax, which allows unlimited raises for the presidents of state-owned companies and agencies. Shame on you. Merry Christmas, President. I reassure those affected: we will deal with it,” the Prime Minister commented on the X platform Donald Tusk.

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“The pay rises are now in question”

“Thousands of policemen received a not-so-nice Christmas present. The pay raises announced and provided for in the relevant regulations have now come into question,” wrote the Main Board of NSZZ Policemen in reaction to the president’s decision.

Earlier, trade unionists wrote on their website that “the beneficiaries of next year’s increase in salaries in the state budget will also be police officers.” As indicated, based on official government announcements and after the adoption of the budget-related act, it is known “that from March 1, 2024, the base amount shaping the average remuneration of police officers will increase by 20%. The current amount is PLN 1,740.64. So after indexation it will be PLN 2 PLN 088.77”.

After the president’s announcement to veto the budget-related bill, police trade unionists pointed out that “the beginning of the year is always the time to make decisions about whether to leave the service or remain in it.” “One of the factors is always financial issues. Yesterday’s decision of the President may be a pebble for many of us that will tip the scales. The personnel crisis of the formation may deepen,” they wrote.

“Taking into account the need to clarify the further fate of solutions aimed at improving the financial situation of officers immediately after the holidays, the Chairman of the Main Board of NSZZ Policemen, Rafał Jankowski, will ask the President how uniformed services, including the Police, will be treated in the presidential bill,” it added in Sunday’s statement of the Police Headquarters.

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