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Polish-American relations. Mark Brzezinski, US ambassador to Poland, in conversation with Piotr Kraśka

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American soldiers go abroad to protect values, to defend democracy, freedom of the press, freedom of the media, the rule of law and human rights. And here we will not give up even a millimeter – said the US ambassador to Poland, Mark Brzezinski. He also emphasized that “never before have the American and Polish armed forces been so closely related to each other.”

At the beginning of the conversation, the host, Piotr Kraśko, asked Marek Brzezinski about his feelings after being on board the world’s largest aircraft carrier – USS Gerald R. Ford.

– I felt proud of the extraordinary Polish-American friendship, because yesterday I was able to take General Rajmund Andrzejczak, Chief of the General Staff of the Polish Army, aboard the USS Gerald Ford, the newest American aircraft carrier. Brand new, with nuclear propulsion, which is the pinnacle of technological achievement – said the ambassador USA in Poland.

– And I could take the highest-ranking Polish military with me and show this modern aircraft carrier, which is a symbol of American power in the world. We have 70 F-18s on board. At the moment he is on his first trip around Europe. And these new technologies on this aircraft carrier could be seen by the Polish military. This shows how close our armed forces are at the moment. It’s not just a matter of taking a photo together. It’s about bringing together and sharing science, technology and warfare tactics to make us safer in the future.

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A system that “guarantees that Poland is safe”

As Brzezinski continued, General Andrzejczak, as well as 15 other Polish military personnel, were able to see “the most guarded elements of this extremely important aircraft carrier for the American armed forces.” – For example, our electromagnetic aircraft launch system. Previously, a steam system was used that could only run heavy aircraft, he continued.

– At the moment we have a system that can launch both the F-18 aircraft and the 180-kilogram drone from exactly the same place. This is important for Polish security, because regardless of whether it is an F-18 or a drone, we have here a dynamic system of technology in the Polish sky and areas around Poland, which guarantees that Poland is safe – he stressed.

Brzezinski also spoke in detail about the moment he landed on the aircraft carrier, which he described as being in the movie “Top Gun”. – We landed the plane on the deck of the aircraft carrier using a rope that grabbed the hook on the tail and stopped the plane. And I have to admit something. I’m a little afraid of flying, so I sat next to one of the Polish generals, a colleague of General Andrzejczak, and wrapped my arm around his shoulder. I’m glad there aren’t any photos of it,” he said with a smile.

Brzezinski: it is a very modern managed unit

The American ambassador said that the aircraft carrier is a “very modern managed unit, fit for 2023”. He was also asked if it is true that there is a dog on board the aircraft carrier to take care of the mental health of the soldiers.

– The aircraft carrier is home for six, eight and even 12 months of service to four thousand American women and men in uniform. They have the same needs as all of us. Also yes, there is also a dog that helps with mental health. We met him, he’s a Labrador,” continued Brzezinski.

The ambassador also said that “more than 20 percent of the crew on board the aircraft carrier are women”, many of them pilots. He also talked about where the name of the aircraft carrier came from. – USS Gerald Ford was named after President Gerald Ford. And when it was put into service, it was baptized with a bottle. But it was not a bottle of champagne, but of water, because Betty Ford, as is well known, was addicted. The First Lady of the United States was an addict, and one of her great contributions to America was that she spoke publicly about her mental health issues and addiction. Therefore, the baptism was with a bottle of water. This is the leadership that is aware of the challenges that await us today, but also tomorrow. I’m proud of it,’ he said.

Brzezinski: Never before have the American and Polish armed forces been so closely linked

The US ambassador to Poland also referred to the fact that on Saturday, together with the prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki visited the United States Naval Support Unit in Redzikowo, where the anti-missile shield is being created.

Morawiecki and Brzezinski in Redzikowo. “The Polish and American armies are now, as never before, very well synchronized”

When asked whether it can be assumed that this system, which consists of a center in Romaniain Turkey and the center in Ramstein, it will be ready this year, he replied in the affirmative and added that “everything will be up and running in months.” – I was extremely proud to show the Polish Prime Minister our Aegis Ashore missile defense system. I want to say “thank you” to the Poles, because this missile defense system, which is based in Redzikowo, Słupsk, also protects us Americans, he said.

Ambassador Brzezinski: The Polish and US military are now, as never before, very well synchronizedTVN24

As Brzezinski explained, it’s about the angle at which the missiles are intercepted. – The geographical location of Poland is used here. And in this base, just like on the aircraft carrier, like in Łask, where there are F-16s, in Rzeszów, in Powidz, where there are Abrams, or in Szczecin, where there are destroyers. Everywhere in Poland you can see the most modern military technology of the United States, which is used together with Polish soldiers – he continued.

At the same time, the ambassador emphasized that “never before have the American and Polish armed forces been so closely related to each other.” – Military relations used to be based on taking a photo together. Today we have Polish engineers and Polish soldiers who work together with American soldiers on the most complex technologies – he added.

Brzezinski: Poland will be in a unique position to rebuild Ukraine

He also talked about many different dimensions of Polish-American cooperation. In this context, he invoked the saying “don’t let a good crisis go to waste”. – That’s what Winston Churchill said. And this is the story of the Ukrainian crisis. It is so today and it will be so tomorrow. Today, American and Polish soldiers are securing NATO’s eastern flank. There is no doubt about it. Today, Poles help Ukrainian refugees like never before, and tomorrow there will be time to rebuild and transform Ukraine, said Brzezinski.

– And here many countries will act together, but Poland – also the younger generation of Poles – will be in an extraordinary position to rebuild Ukraine and also attract Eurasia to Europe. It will be an amazing opportunity for the next generation of Poles. It is extremely important that we do not lose this opportunity for Poles and Americans – emphasized the ambassador.

Brzezinski: America and Poland are focused on exactly the same concept of security

Ambassador Brzezinski also said that the Russian president Vladimir Putin “He counted on a split in NATO, on the division of Central and Eastern Europe, and the effect he obtained is the opposite.”

– Sweden and Finland in NATO. America and Poland have never been so close militarily or strategically. I know it’s an election year in Poland. But this is not a left or right issue. The fact is that America and Poland are focused on exactly the same concept of security. We have unity here and a common definition of a challenge that has brought our two countries closer together like never before, he emphasized.

Brzezinski on the values ​​in defense of which the US “will not give up even a millimeter”

Brzezinski said that “when American soldiers go abroad, they show their power, which we have seen, for example, on this aircraft carrier that is now sailing around Europe.”

“Precisely to send a message to our adversaries that American soldiers go abroad to protect values.” Not political leaders or political parties. They leave to defend democracy, freedom of the press, freedom of the media, the rule of law and human rights. And here we will not give up even a millimeter. And that’s why we had the opportunity to share with our special friends – Poles – what the US military can do with this ship, which cost billions of dollars. It’s an airport floating all over the world – said Brzezinski at the end of the conversation.

Main photo source: TVN24

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