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Polish army. Military ranks for dogs – announcement from the General Staff

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Soldiers of the Polish Army came up with the initiative to award military ranks to dogs serving in the Armed Forces. The military confirmed that the Chief of the General Staff responded positively to this request. The spokeswoman for the General Staff, Colonel Joanna Klejszmit, said that about 120 military dogs serve in the Armed Forces.

Recognizing the merits of the K9 unit (canine, i.e. psi – “k” and 9 – “nine” – ed.) in combat operations, the soldiers came up with a proposal to award military ranks to service dogs. “The Chief of the General Staff of the Polish Army intends to respond positively to this request by introducing appropriate regulations soon,” it was announced on Friday on the official profile of the Polish Army on social media.

As described, it is planned to implement a scale from dog private to dog sergeant. The commanders of the units in which they serve will have the right to award dogs with a military rank. The post was accompanied by a video showing the K9 in action. The recording shows, among other things, dogs serving in the Polish Army training for attacks or parachute jumps together with their guides.

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About 120 dogs serve

Spokesperson of the Polish Border Guard, Colonel Joanna Klejszmit, in response to tvn24.pl’s questions, said that “dogs called up for military service are multi-tasking – they take part in foreign missions, participate in parachute landings, help soldiers detect explosives, search for weapons and ammunition”.

She noted that soldiers took the initiative to award military ranks to dogs serving in the Armed Forces, in recognition of the role of dogs in combat operations.

The colonel mentioned that German Shepherds, Belgian Shepherds, Labradors and Doberman Pinschers most often serve in the army.

“Before dogs are qualified for courses preparing them for military service, they undergo a number of tests. The most important are their predispositions and health, gender and breed are less important. Dogs that are physically fit and mentally resistant are taken into the army,” they assured.

Klejszmit specified that there are currently approximately 120 military dogs serving in the Polish Armed Forces.

A rescue dog from the 2nd Lublin Territorial Defense Brigademilio-polskie.pl

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Main photo source: milio-polskie.pl

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