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Polish-Belarusian border – a dam. Węglokoks about construction

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A dam with a length of about 187 kilometers is to be built on the Polish-Belarusian border. One of the suppliers of construction materials, the Węglokoks company, announced that the construction will require approximately 51,000 tons of steel, of which over 37,000 spans will be made. The dam is to be built by the end of the first half of 2022.

On Tuesday, the plenipotentiary for the preparation and implementation of state border security, Marek Chodkiewicz, announced that the panels for the construction of the dam on the Polish-Belarusian border will be delivered by a consortium of two Polish companies – Grupa Węglokoks and Mostostal Siedlce. On Wednesday, the president of Węglokoks, Tomasz Heryszek, presented the technical details of the project to the Polish Press Agency.


Construction of a dam on the border

– For us, it is a certain value chain in which our companies Huta Łabędy in Gliwice and Huta Pokój Profile in Ruda Śląska will be responsible for the production of cold-formed sections and profiles, while the role of the companies Huta Pokój Konstrukcje and ZEM Łabędy will be – based on these profiles – producing , welding and galvanizing of the spans of this dam – explained Tomasz Heryszek, president of the management board of the Węglokoks company in Katowice.

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Then, the finished elements will be transported from Silesia to designated places close to the border, from where they will be picked up by companies assembling the dam. The companies from the Węglokoks Group will produce a smaller part – several thousand – of finished spans. The rest will be handled by Mostostal Siedlce, based on the profiles and sections provided by Węglokoks. All steel for production will be secured by a Katowice company.

– We are currently talking with Mostostal Siedlce, establishing technical details, for example, how the flow of sections, profiles, modules and so on will look like – said Heryszek, confirming that work on the consortium agreement is underway, which will define the detailed obligations of the parties.

– We will be responsible for the entirety and rhythmic supply of steel and sections, as well as the production of parts of the spans. Mostostal Siedlce, on the other hand, is responsible, inter alia, for the production of most of the spans – specified the president of Węglokoks.

As he said, Grupa Węglokoks announced its accession to participate in the construction of the border dam as soon as such an initiative appeared. – Our Group includes companies belonging to the largest producers of this type of steel profiles and those that deal with the production of very non-standard steel structures on a daily basis. Thus, we are probably the most predestined in Poland to participate in the construction of a dam, the structure of which consists of steel elements. It is also very important that we are a state-owned company – emphasized Heryszek.

– We are talking about a public procurement, which must be completed, above all, quickly and efficiently, while maintaining the highest quality standards. You need certainty and timely deliveries. The consortium selected for this purpose guarantees that the project will be completed in one hundred percent as it should be, assured the head of the Katowice-based company.

Polish-Belarusian border

Representatives of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration informed earlier that the security on the Polish-Belarusian border would be 5.5 meters high: 5 meters are to be made of steel poles, topped with a half-meter coil of wire so that it is impossible to go to the other side. Modern, electronic methods of border management are also to be used, such as motion sensors along the entire border or cameras.

There is a migration crisis on the Polish-Belarus border, which is also the external border of the European Union. It is about an organized action of bringing migrants to Belarus, so that they later try to cross the border with Poland illegally. Although the number of migrants who come to Belarus for this purpose has been declining recently, representatives of the Polish authorities emphasize that the situation is still far from normal.

The Ministry of Interior and Administration announced that the dam was to be completed until the end in the first half of 2022.

PAP / Maciej Zieliński, Adam Ziemienowicz

The state of emergency no longer applies from midnight Tuesday to Wednesday on the border with Belarus – but some of the restrictions related to it remain in force thanks to the rapidly introduced new law.

The regulation to the act envisages a ban on staying in the border zone – sanctioned by mandates imposed by the Border Guard, as well as a ban on carrying weapons there and allowing Border Guard officers to use disabling chemical agents, including gas throwers and tear grenades. Journalists will be admitted to the venue in selected cases.

Main photo source: Ministry of National Defense / PAP

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