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Polish-Belarusian border. Deputy Franciszek Sterczewski tried to break through the cordon of services [Wideo]

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A group of migrants has been wandering in the vicinity of Usnarz Górny on the Polish-Belarusian border for several days. Late Tuesday afternoon, Franciszek Sterczewski, a member of the Civic Coalition, tried unsuccessfully to deliver a bag of food to foreigners. He was detained by the services.

Migrants camping in the vicinity of Usnarz Górny are not allowed to enter Poland. The border is secured by the Border Guard and soldiers. Foreigners wandering on the Belarusian side do not want to return to Belarus.


TVN24 reporter Mateusz Grzymkowski reported that around 18, Franciszek Sterczewski, a member of the Civic Coalition, entered the area patrolled by the Border Guard, the police and soldiers. He wanted to hand over a bag of food to the migrants. He was trying to get through the cordon of services.

The video shows him running away from Border Guard officers and soldiers at some point. Eventually, the MP was surrounded by the services.

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The situation in Usnarz Górny. Report of the TVN24 reporterTVN24

Franciszek Sterczewski on attempts to get closer to migrants on the Polish-Belarusian border

– I was ready to stay there and try to run closer and closer. There were already several dozen men from the Border Guard. This is idiotic. These gentlemen should now sit with their families and sleep well, assessed MP Franciszek Sterczewski.

– The group that is near the forest, where Belarus begins, should be served immediately by our services, checked, they should calmly apply for asylum. This application should normally be processed. There cannot be a situation where our government by some regulation violates the constitution and the Geneva Convention – added the MP from the Civic Coalition.

Franciszek Sterczewski: There were already several dozen men from the Border GuardTVN24

In the evening, Katarzyna Kretkowska, MP from the Left, also arrived. As the TVN24 reporter said, after the incident with MP Sterczewski, many more police appeared on the spot, trying to ensure that no one other than MPs got into the controlled zone, which journalists cannot enter.

Main photo source: TVN24

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