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Polish-Belarusian border. Michałów city council session devoted to the situation on the border and migrants. Presentation of Piotr Dederko from the border guard

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The session of the city council in Michałów (Podlaskie Voivodeship) turned into a discussion on the situation on the Polish-Belarusian border. The local deputy commander of the border guard met with the councilors, who talked about, among other things, a group of migrants with women and children who had been brought back from Michałów to the border. – We lead these people to the border line and this is where our role ends – admitted Piotr Dederko.

Piotr Dederko, the deputy commander of the local border guard, came to the Thursday session of the city council in Michałów – who has held this position since Monday (September 27). Councilor Bogusław Ostaszewski asked him what happened to children who, together with a group of immigrants, were detained in the village of Szymki on Monday (September 27). The councilor asked whether these people had been “moved behind the wires” – that is, barriers put up by the army – on the Polish-Belarusian border.

“We lead these people to the border line and this is where our role ends”

– This is what it looks like. Yes, we are escorting these people to the state border and this is where our role ends. They go to the Belarusian side and are on the Belarusian side, that is, where they came from. People who were detained on Monday did not meet the formal requirements to stay in Poland and were returned from this territory – replied Piotr Dederko.

The deputy commander of the local border guard explained that migrants can be divided into two groups. – Some of them are transferred by the Belarusian services and they go as they go and “they can get there somewhere”, but some are prepared for reception by other people. For example, we detain Turks or Iraqis who want to collect these migrants for money – reported Dederko.

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He also talked about the fact that many children are without shoes and without socks, but – as he claims – not because they lost them. And because – as he emphasized – that their parents deliberately take them off and throw them away, trying to arouse pity from the officer.

– These things happen every day. It’s not like one hundred percent of people are turned back to the border. We have a conscience and a heart and we try to help these people – he said.

Deputy commander of the Border Guard in Michałów: I have no conscience to take these people to the border and throw them away

On Monday – as Dederko told councilor – he witnessed when two women were arrested.

– We brought them to the facility. One of them was lying on the road and showed no signs of life, we called a doctor to see her. It turned out that all her vital signs were fine, she was slightly injured, and we tried to communicate through the interpreter. The lady was shocked, she did not know what to do, because her little children were left in the field – he said.

When – thanks to information obtained from the local community – the children were found, it turned out that the border was crossed by two families with a total of 11 children. They were Iraqi citizens.

– I have no conscience to take these people to the border and throw them away. These are really tough situations. These people were detained. Soon they will go to the center for foreigners – says the deputy commander.

Barbed wire? “It does not make crossing the border much more difficult”

Dederko also referred to the barbed wire entanglements that stood on the border.

– Maybe I shouldn’t say, but I want you to be aware that this obstacle, which is being built by the military, does not really make it difficult for these foreigners to cross this border. Of course, it makes it harder in some way. This is something that makes it easier for us, because it has to be overcome. To overcome it, you need to spend some time on it. It may not be large, but we have cases where soldiers actually have this reaction time at the border to prevent such cases of crossings – said Piotr Dederko.

However, when answering the question of what to do when the residents know the immigrants, he said that if such a person is in a bad condition, they can be looked after. However, the border guards and the police must be notified each time.

Main photo source: TVN24

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