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Polish-Belarusian border. Some of the migrants are “pushed” to Belarus, the rest still stay in Usnarz

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On Sunday morning, the Ocalenie foundation informed on Twitter that 10 people remained on the border between Poland and Belarus. The rest were “pushed” to Belarus. Immediately afterwards, however, she added that she was not sure exactly how many immigrants were left in Usnarz, because she did not see all of them. – Nobody is in danger and there are no very sick people – Agnieszka Chmielewska from the foundation said in an interview with TVN24. – We are counting on the fact that we will receive answers from the commander of the Border Guard on the request for admitting medical assistance and the interpreter – she added.

A group of foreigners has been wandering on the border, near a Polish village, for several days. They want to enter the territory of Poland and apply for international protection. On the Belarusian side, they are blocked from a possible retreat by the local services. The crossing to the Polish side is guarded by soldiers and Border Guard officers.


The Ocalenie Foundation informed on Twitter that 10 people remained on the border between Poland and Belarus. The rest were “pushed” to Belarus. Immediately after the publication of this information, she added that she was not sure exactly how many immigrants were left in Usnarz, because she did not see all of them. “We tried to establish contact with them through the loudspeaker, the Border Guard turned on the sirens in all cars” – we read on Facebook.

Meanwhile, the Border Guard informed on Twitter that in recent days, after its interventions, “the Belarusian side wanted to take the entire group camped near the village of Usnarz Górny”. “More than half of the foreigners left the area, the rest do not want to leave the camp” – we read in the entry.

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The Border Guard cut off access to the area where the migrants are staying

On Saturday morning, the Border Guard and the army moved the cordon several hundred meters from the border with Belarus. Armed officers and soldiers did not let journalists and volunteers from the Ocrzenie foundation pass. The place where the nomads are located has been tightly covered by the cars of the Border Guard and the army.

Border Guard and army cordon near the town of Usnarz GórnyPAP / Artur Reszko

– The Border Guard does not inform us on what grounds access to this area was closed. Yesterday morning lawyers asked about it, they did not receive information. Contact with the commandant of the nearest unit or the headquarters in Białystok does not result in answering our questions – said Chmielewska. As she told none of the migrants, “there is no danger and there are no very sick people.”

Migrants on the Polish-Belarusian borderPAP / Artur Reszko

Doctor and interpreter not admitted to migrants

She recalled that on Saturday the Border Guard did not allow doctors and interpreters to be admitted to immigrants detained at the border. Doctor Paulina Bownik informed that she wanted to give drugs to the sick.

The doctor was not admitted to the migrants. “I brought drugs, antibiotics”TVN24

Bownik told on TVN24 about Saturday’s events at the border. As she said, that day she received information from the Ocrzenie foundation that among the refugees there are people who feel unwell and ask for urgent medical help.

– I went there and I did not manage to reach these people, the Polish Border Guard did not allow me to do so. Of course, an ambulance was called. Several times the people who should come to these people and whether they should come were turned over. Eventually, the arrival was refused – said the doctor. As she added, “the representative of the Ocrzenie foundation heard that only the Border Guard can call an ambulance there, which they did not do”.

The border guard did not allow the doctor to visit the Afghans detained on the Polish-Belarusian borderTVN24

– The Border Guard is perfectly prepared medically for such situations. She has her doctors, her equipment and she would be able – if she wanted – to secure these people much better than I do – argued the doctor.

“If they wanted to, the Border Guard would be able to secure these people much better than I do”TVN24

More and more migrants

The inhabitants of Usnarz Górny and nearby Krynki claim that for a month now they have been seeing more and more foreigners in the area.

– It started like this a month ago. Every now and then someone says that they have seen some immigrants. This was not the case before. Maybe some individual people who were immediately caught by the Border Guard – said a resident of Krynek in an interview with PAP. This older man wants to remain anonymous, as do the other interlocutors.

A group of refugees and border guards near the town of Usnarz GórnyArtur Reszko / PAP

He pointed to a cornfield on the outskirts of town. – Ladies, you can find backpacks, bags and even some old jackets there. They sit there until the evening and wait. Then some people come after them with cars with German numbers – he said.

Another reported that while on mushrooms he met two young men with a swarthy complexion and dark hair. “They were calm, from what I understood, because they showed that they wanted to eat.” But I had nothing to eat, so they went away – he said.

A farmer from Usnarz Górny also told that a dozen or so days ago a group of foreigners “sat” a few kilometers beyond the village. In his opinion, they were illegal immigrants. – I don’t know what happened to them later. They must have been picked up by border guards, he guessed.

The Polish Border Guard indicates that throughout the last year, 122 people who had crossed the border illegally were detained in the Podlasie section. This year it is about 780 foreigners. So far, the Border Guard has recorded over 2,000 attempts to cross the border illegally, of which approx. The border guards prevented 350 attempts.

Main photo source: PAP / Artur Reszko

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