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Polish-Belarusian border. The Warsaw prosecutor's office took over the investigation into the attempted murder of a Polish soldier

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The investigation into the attempted murder of a soldier of the 1st Warsaw Armored Brigade by a migrant trying to illegally cross the Polish-Belarusian border will be conducted by the military affairs department of the District Prosecutor's Office in Warsaw. On Tuesday, the spokeswoman of the Podlasie Military Task Force, Maj. Magdalena Kościńska, announced that the condition of the soldier in the hospital was serious but stable. Due to this event, the army appealed for participation in blood donation campaigns.

Prosecutor Piotr Antoni Skiba, spokesman for the District Prosecutor's Office in Warsaw, announced the takeover of the investigation on Wednesday. He said in a published statement that an investigation into the case had been initiated for an offense under Art. 13 pairs 1 of the Penal Code, which says: “Whoever, with the intention to commit a prohibited act, directly aims at committing a prohibited act, but does not commit it, is liable for an attempt”; in connection with art. 148 pairs 1 of the Penal Code: “Whoever kills a person shall be subject to the penalty of deprivation of liberty for a term of not less than 8 years, the penalty of deprivation of liberty for 25 years or the penalty of deprivation of liberty for life.”

– It is at an initial stage and is of a development nature – noted Attorney Skiba.

The first procedural activities related to this case were supervised by the Military Department of the Białystok-Północ District Prosecutor's Office. At the scene of the incident, investigators and soldiers of the Military Police conducted an inspection and secured evidence, including: CCTV footage from the border barrier and the knife with which the injured party was stabbed. Witnesses to the incident were interviewed.

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He attacked with a knife and escaped

The attack occurred in the early morning of May 28 on the Polish-Belarusian border near Dubicze Cerkiewne (Podlasie). A soldier of the 1st Warsaw Armored Brigade was wounded with a knife by one of the migrants who, in a group, tried to breach the steel barrier. It happened when, using a protective shield, he tried to block a breach in the steel barrier on the border that had been made by illegal migrants.

“Then, from the other side of the fence, the perpetrator – after putting his hand through the fence – stabbed him in the chest area” – described the prosecutor's office, which is conducting an investigation, classifying it as attempted murder. The injured soldier was treated on the spot by a Border Guard officer and taken to hospital. While helping the injured, people on the Belarusian side kept throwing branches and stones at them.

“It was an attack to kill.” Tomczyk about the situation at the border

They are collecting blood for a wounded soldier

Due to this event, the army appealed for participation in blood donation campaigns. Major Kościńska explained that the purpose of blood collections organized by soldiers is to replenish blood supplies, and anyone can participate in the blood donation campaign.

Soldiers of the 18th Mechanized Division made such an appeal a few days ago on social media. “Due to the incident in which a soldier of this division was injured and is in hospital,” they wrote, they see “how great the need is to supply hospitals with a life-saving drug – blood.” They encouraged everyone to donate blood at blood donation and treatment centers throughout the country.

The General Command of the Armed Forces, which organizes blood collection events in Podlasie, also appealed for blood donation. The first one will take place on Wednesday, June 5, at the Border Guard facility in Czeremcha. In the following days, you will also be able to donate blood at the local blood donation unit in Hajnówka (June 7) and during the collection at the church in Zabłudów (June 9). “Let's rise to the occasion!” – appealed the General Command of the Armed Forces.

On Tuesday, the Operational Command of the Armed Forces posted on social media an appeal for support for soldiers serving on the border with Belarus; the appeal is related to the growing migration pressure on this border. As it was emphasized, everyday service in this place requires courage and determination, and the soldiers' actions are “key to maintaining security and order in Poland.” “The efforts and risks taken by Polish Army soldiers deserve the highest recognition. Let us appreciate and support their actions, because a safe border means a safe Poland!” – appealed the Operational Command of the Armed Forces.

The number of incidents is increasing

Border Guard statistics show that the number of attempts to illegally cross the border from Belarus to Poland is increasing. Since the beginning of May, there have been approximately 7.5 thousand of them, while in April there were almost 3.4 thousand. Since the beginning of the year, there have been nearly 17,000. such attempts.

Recently, the Border Guard has been reporting almost every day about aggressive behavior of migrants behind the steel barrier on the border with Belarus. Most often, it involves throwing stones and branches at Polish services. On Monday, a Border Guard officer suffered head injuries and was taken to hospital after being hit by a tree branch; it happened during a group of illegal migrants trying to forcefully cross the border from Belarus to Poland near Białowieża.

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After a soldier was injured by a migrant, Prime Minister Donald Tusk announced the creation of an additional one buffer zone at the border with Belarus. The Ministry of Interior and Administration is working on the final version of the regulation that will address this issue. The regulations were to enter into force on June 4, but – due to consultations, among others, with local governments – this date has been postponed.

The Prime Minister and ministers visit the Polish-Belarusian border. They announced the restoration of the buffer zoneKatarzyna Kolenda-Zaleska/Fakty TVN

The Podlaskie Voivodeship Office informed that consultation meetings regarding the draft of this regulation will be held on Wednesday and Thursday. Subsequently, there will be meetings with local government officials, entrepreneurs and the naturalist community, including: Białowieża National Park.

Operation “Lock” – Lukashenko's revenge

The migration crisis on the borders of Belarus with Poland, Lithuania and Latvia was caused by Alexander Lukashenko, who is accused of waging a hybrid war. It involves the organized transfer of migrants to the territory of Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. During over 28 years of his rule, Lukashenko has often threatened Europe with weakening border control.

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The operation of bringing migrants to Belarus from the Middle East or Africa in order to cause a migration crisis was previously described on his blog by Tadeusz Giczan, a journalist from the Belarusian opposition channel Nexta. He explained that the Belarusian services are conducting the “Sluice” operation invented 10 years ago. Under the guise of trips to Minsk, promising to transfer them to Western Europe, the Lukashenko regime brought thousands of migrants to Belarus. Then he transports them to the borders of EU countries, where Belarusian services force them to cross them illegally. This operation is ongoing.

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Main photo source: x.com/Border Guard

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