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Polish Congress 2050 in Pabianice. Szymon Hołownia on the Polish Lada, the judgment of the Constitutional Tribunal and the Self-Government Charter

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The leader of Poland 2050, Szymon Hołownia, during the congress of his formation in Pabianice, said, inter alia, that “we meet at a moment that is absolutely dramatic for Poland in many respects”. In this context, he mentioned the Order adopted by the Polish Sejm and the last judgment of the Constitutional Tribunal. Hołownia also spoke about the role of local governments. – We in Poland by 2050 say: we want a self-governing Poland, we want to save it from madmen who want to destroy it – he said.

On Saturday, the Polish Self-Government Forum 2050 takes place in Pabianice. Its main goals are to start work on the program for local Poland and to sign the Local Government Charter. During the event, the leader of the movement, Szymon Hołownia, spoke.


As he said, “we meet at a moment which is absolutely dramatic for Poland in many respects.” – Recently, the Sejm passed the so-called Polish Order – recalled Hołownia, adding that “neither he is Polish nor this is the order”. – This is a mechanism that will lead to the fact that local governments, this local Poland, which we care so much about, will not gain, and will lose up to PLN 12 billion a year – he pointed out.

Hołownia: Kaczyński and his “social discovery” introduced us to a very dangerous ground

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As the leader of Poland 2050 assessed, the rulers “need these billions more at home, to have control over them, to be able to embezzle them again in some other fund, to be able to fill their own and pay with this money for more pots by the troughs in order to achieve this basic the thirst for this power, which makes her boil. ”

– The desire to extend the species – your species. The desire to extend our environment, to survive, no matter what price we all have to pay for it, he continued.

Hołownia also said that the second “dramatic event” was the judgment of the Constitutional Tribunal announced on Thursday. The Constitutional Tribunal, chaired by Julia Przyłębska, decided that some provisions of the Treaty on European Union were inconsistent with the Polish constitution.

– You know very well how dangerous the ground we have entered, to what very dangerous ground Jarosław Kaczyński and his “social discovery” brought us all – Hołownia said to the participants of the forum, referring to the term that the PiS president used in the past against Przyłębska.

Hołownia: fed up with these idiotic quarrels with the rest of Europe

According to Hołownia, “we live (…) in historic times”. – We have to pass this exam, I am sure we will pass it – he added. He also argued that “most Poles want a European Poland, they want a self-governing Poland and we will build Poland’s success on these two pillars”.

– We must stop those who mindlessly want to destroy this heritage that we have developed over the last 30 years. We must tell them clearly: we do not agree to throw everything that cost us so much blood and sacrifice to the bin only because of some particular interests – pointed out the head of Poland 2050. – Enough of these idiotic quarrels with the rest of Europe, they are completely unnecessary to anyone at the port – he added.

In his opinion, “today it is really necessary to say very clearly, loudly, firmly and calmly: enough, we will not allow ourselves to be taken from local government and European Poland”. He argued that “everything that is decided over our heads today will end up in our wallet, in our lives”.

– We in Poland by 2050 say: we want self-government Poland, we want to save it from madmen who want to destroy it – said Hołownia.

He also noted that when you go on a trip, you need to know the landmarks of the route that you will pass along the way. – Such points are, for example, our Local Government Charter (…), which shows what to do, how to heal, how to heal. This is an eight-point prescription, which we all rewrite for ourselves and Polish local governments today, so that Polish local governments finally have what they deserve – he added.

Main photo source: Roman Zawistowski / PAP

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