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Polish energy mix. The dark side of the force. How much electricity from coal, gas, RES. Data for 2022

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Electricity production in 2022 in Poland slightly increased compared to the previous year, and domestic consumption slightly decreased, according to data on the functioning of the National Power System, published by the system operator Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne. The vast majority of energy produced in Poland came from coal, which is considered the most climate-damaging source of electricity.

The monthly reports on the functioning of the system for the period January-December 2022 show that domestic electricity production at that time amounted to over 175 TWh (an increase of 0.91% compared to 2021), and consumption of less than 173.5 TWh (decrease by 0.53 percent).

Last year, Poland was a net exporter of electricity, the surplus of exports over imports amounted to less than 1.7 TWh, while in the previous year Poland imported more energy than it exported – net imports amounted to over 0.8 TWh.

Polish energy mix

About 50 percent of electricity produced came from coal-fired power plants, 27 percent from – from lignite-fired power plants, and 6 percent. – from gas power plants. Renewable sources – without system hydroelectric power plants – provided about 16 percent. production. Two-thirds of the energy from these renewables came from wind turbines. Wind alone provided almost 10.5 percent. production.

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Production from hard coal fell by less than 6 percent on an annual basis, and from lignite – it increased by over 3.5 percent. Generation from gas-fired power plants fell by 25%.

The production of electricity from wind turbines increased year on year by over 28%, and from other renewable sources – without system hydropower plants – by 95%.

“One of the most restrictive” regulations in Europe

The Polish government had previously declared a coal phase-out in the 1940s. According to environmentalists, this should happen earlier due to the high emission of fossil fuels.

At the same time, investments in onshore wind farms have recently been limited, which would make it possible to make the Polish energy sector less dependent on coal more quickly. On Monday, the government spokesman, Piotr Mueller, announced that the government’s windmill bill will be processed at the next week’s sitting of the Sejm. Last week, on the Sejm’s website, it was reported that a total of six draft windmill bills (two drafts by the Senate, three MPs’ drafts and one – a government draft) were submitted for the first reading in the Sejm state and local government assets committees.

The government’s draft amendment to the Wind Farm Act was submitted to the Sejm in mid-July last year. It provides that the decision on the possibility of locating new onshore wind farms and on unlocking the possibility of developing residential construction in the vicinity of these wind farms will depend on the communes. The amendments to the 10H Act are one of the 37 milestones that Poland is to complete in order to meet the requirements of the Recovery and Resilience Facility to mobilize funds from the National Recovery Plan.

– As for the application for the National Reconstruction Plan, we will submit it at the time when the act on liberalizing the admissibility of erecting wind farms on land will also be processed – the Prime Minister said on Monday Mateusz Morawiecki before leaving for Berlin.

According to the Prime Minister, the current regulations in this matter are “one of the most restrictive, if not the most restrictive, in the whole of Europe”. – And yet we need these windmills so as not to burn expensive Colombian or Indonesian coal, because we don’t burn Russian coal anymore – because there is an embargo – so as not to burn very expensive Norwegian or Qatari gas. We want to burn these hydrocarbons only when we have to, said the head of the government.

Regulations regarding the construction of windmills on land tightened PIS in 2016.

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