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Polish KPO approved by the European Commission. Cimoszewicz: Still a long way to pay out money

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The Polish National Reconstruction Plan has been approved by the European Commission, but the payment of money to Poland is still a long way off – stated the MEP and former Prime Minister Włodzimierz Cimoszewicz on Friday in “Faktach po Faktach”. As he said, if the Polish government “does not behave seriously”, the Commission “should refrain” from paying out KPO funds.

The head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, on Thursday at a joint conference with Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and President Andrzej Duda, officially announced that the Polish National Reconstruction Plan had been approved by the European Commission. She made a reservation that Poland must meet the conditions in the context of the rule of law in order to receive EU money.

Cimoszewicz about three criteria that the Polish government must meet

– If the government behaves seriously, then the money under the National Reconstruction Plan will reach Poland, if not, the Commission should continue to hold back – said Włodzimierz Cimoszewicz in Friday’s “Facts after Facts”.

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When asked what the Polish government had to do to unblock billions from KPO, he replied that three things had to be done.

– First, to liquidate the Disciplinary Chamber, but not to replace it with something identical. Secondly, to guarantee the independence of judges, which means, inter alia, changing the entire procedure of disciplinary proceedings. Judges cannot be held responsible for the issued judgments or for referring questions for a preliminary ruling by the Court of Justice of the European Union. Thirdly, the judges who have been suspended in the performance of judicial functions in recent years are to be reinstated, he mentioned.

KPO money still “very far away”

In his opinion, the payment of money to Poland under the KPO is still “very far away”, because the act amending the Act on the Supreme Court, passed by the Sejm and amended by the Senate, is in his opinion “an apparent move towards the fulfillment of the first condition” of the European Commission, i.e. the abolition of the Disciplinary Chamber . – As we know, the Chamber of Professional Responsibility is to be established, which is in fact more or less the same under a different name – said the TVN24 guest.

– Will the Commission very precisely and strictly require these conditions to be met? Unfortunately, I am not 100% sure – admitted Cimoszewicz. He added that “people within the Commission too, and very competent people at that, have doubts about the Commission’s behavior in this matter.”

In the opinion of Cimoszewicz, it is not possible for all these criteria to be settled by a single act. – It is not only about changing the disciplinary procedure, but also about the fate of the National Council of the Judiciary. Recently, new members have been appointed, which means that the existence of this unconstitutionally created body has been maintained. PiS sent a signal that it did not intend to abolish the National Council of the Judiciary and restore the old procedure, when its members were nominated as their representatives by judges at general assemblies of judges of individual courts in Poland, said the former prime minister and former minister of justice.

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