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Polish Leopards for Ukraine. Expert: This is the first signal about the beginning of the Ukrainian offensive

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Perhaps the Leopard tanks are the first signal that the Ukrainian offensive will begin, Lieutenant Commander Maksymilian Dura assessed on Friday. An expert from Defence24.pl referred on TVN24 to the transfer of tanks by Poland to the Ukrainian army on the first anniversary of Russia’s full-scale aggression. Dura expressed the opinion that Western countries are increasingly convinced to send offensive equipment to Ukraine, and not only – as before – for defense.

Reserve Lieutenant Commander Maksymilian Dura, Defence24.pl expert, on the day of the first anniversary of full-scale aggression Russia to Ukraine, he assessed the situation of the Ukrainian army. As he noted, it has changed recently. – Before Ukraine received armament, which was supposed to stop the advance of the Russian army. And this armament was really suitable for this, and the Ukrainians showed that they could use it. At the moment, we are already thinking about armaments that will allow us to liberate territories, and thus push the occupier out of the territory that he previously occupied, noted Dura.

The signal of the beginning of the counterattack

Maksymilian Dura admitted that he was “big optimist” as to how the Ukrainians would cope with the new armament at the front. – Firstly, Ukrainian troops are already well prepared, well organized and well motivated. Secondly, there is already a decision on the part NATO countries about transferring this offensive armament, he said.

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The commander said that “perhaps these Leopard tanks are the first signal that the Ukrainian offensive will begin.” – The fact that the Russian offensive continues and is unsuccessful, we see every day – he added.

Expert: Russia will continue airstrikes

According to an expert from the Defence24.pl portal, the Russian military has planned air strikes in the near future. – These airstrikes are carried out with impunity, because they launch all these missiles from above the territory of the Russian Federation, therefore it is quite easy. The Ukrainians have a big problem with shooting down certain types of missiles that attack in a way that is unfriendly to the anti-aircraft systems that Ukraine is currently using, explained Dura.

The commander added that the situation will change when other defense systems, such as Patriot, are added to the equipment of the Ukrainian army, adapted to knocking down ballistic missiles. “It is a great difficulty for Ukraine to fight against such goals,” he stressed.

“If we don’t get bored with this war, Ukraine will win”

Dura stressed that the Ukrainian army “has reserves that the Russian Federation does not have.” – It’s about troops that are ready not only to defend or to be at the front, but also to conduct coordinated attacks. The Russian Federation does not have this. Of course, it attacks every day in a dozen or even twenty places, but these attacks cannot succeed because the soldiers who participate in these attacks are no longer the same soldiers who attacked Ukraine 12 months ago, commented the expert. According to Maksymilian Dura, the soldiers who are currently attacking Ukraine are worse than those who participated in the invasion a year ago.

The TVN24 guest stressed that the Russian military is only able to attack cities, “because only the Russians can hit.” – On the one hand, it’s bad, of course, because people are dying. But on the other hand, it is good because it allows the Ukrainian army to breathe, which, firstly, can defend itself, and secondly, prepare for what everyone is waiting for, i.e. an offensive that will liberate the territories occupied by Russia – he stressed.

The expert explained how important – in his opinion – it is not to “get bored with the war”. – If we do not get bored with this war, Ukraine will win this war, and very soon. I think this year, he said.

Main photo source: PAP/Maciej Kulczyński

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