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Polish MP 2050 Piotr Górnikiewicz in the bandit's circle of friends. Szymon Hołownia: we are explaining this matter

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MP Piotr Górnikiewicz from Poland 2050 is among the friends of Waldemar Jasiński, nickname: Góral, a dangerous gangster, punished years ago, among others, for participating in an execution – “Superwizjer” found out. – We are clarifying this matter. Mr. Górnikiewicz has already presented preliminary explanations, said Szymon Hołownia, head of Poland 2050. The party's deputy chairman, Michał Kobosko, said he “did not see a threat to the political future” of the MP.

Bertold Kittel, in the reportage “Tarnów Mafia” in the “Superwizjer” program, presented the profile of Waldemar Jasiński, nickname “Góral”. This well-known Tarnów social activist and charity activist is, according to the findings of the “Superwizjer” reporter, a dangerous bandit with multiple punishments. He was a member of a brutal gang and was convicted of participating in an execution that took place 25 years ago in Nowy Sącz.

Despite the long sentence, the gangster was released from prison after serving only a few years. Now he deals in millions, grants loans and takes over more properties. He is a friend of policemen, prosecutors and politicians. Among Jasiński's friends – “Superwizjer” found out – is Piotr Górnikiewicz, MP of Poland 2050. This is evidenced by numerous photos of them together published on social media.


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Piotr GórnikiewiczMarcin Obara/PAP

Hołownia: The MP provided explanations. We will clarify the situation

Leader of Poland 2050, Speaker of the Sejm Szymon Hołownia On Sunday, in a conversation with journalists, he was asked about the links between an MP from his party and Jasiński. – We are currently clarifying this matter. I did not know this situation, Mr. Górnikiewicz had already provided preliminary explanations. This will also be the subject of our analyzes and internal research, and we will certainly take a common position on this matter, he said.

As he added, “for now, there is no reason to react by suspending confidence in Mr. Górnikiewicz.” – His explanations will now be the subject of our analyzes within the party and, as has been the case in various difficult cases that we have had so far, we will clarify the situation and I think that you can expect actions from Mr. Górnikiewicz this week. and from our group in this matter – he said.

Kobosko: I see no threat to his political future

Michał Kobosko, vice-chairman of Poland 2050, also commented on the matter. – We learned about this matter thoroughly, we talked to the MP. I will answer this: we politicians meet hundreds, thousands of different characters and people on our way. Sometimes better, sometimes worse, sometimes someone takes a photo with us. We are unable to verify all such figures, he said.

– However, there is no question of Mr. Górnikiewicz breaking the law here. We will repeat this, the MP will defend his good name – he emphasized.

– We accept the explanations he gave. And if the editor asks about his future, I see no threat to his political future – added Kobosko.

Kobosko: I see no threat to Górnikiewicz's political futureTVN24

Main photo source: Marcin Obara/PAP

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