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Polish National Foundation. “Rz”: gigantic severance packages for the management board

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Before the resignation, the management board of the Polish National Foundation had their contracts changed, guaranteeing them huge severance pay, “Rzeczpospolita” reported on Thursday. The contracts were to be revised due to the change of power in Poland. Former members of the PFN management board refused to talk about this topic.

The newspaper reminds that “the three-person management board resigned on February 28 – a week after the new Minister of Culture and National Heritage, Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz, dismissed the Council of the Polish National Foundation “due to the lack of transparency in the activities carried out by PFN.”

“Since then, there has been no council of founders (representatives of seventeen State Treasury companies) or a new management board in the foundation,” we read.

President of the Polish National Foundation, Marcin ZarzeckiAndrzej Jackowski/PAP

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The Polish National Foundation changed the contracts

“Rzeczpospolita” found that “before the personnel changes in the foundation, the three-person management board (president Marcin Zarzecki and two vice-presidents: Michał Góras and Cezary Jurkiewicz) were to change the terms of the employment contract to more favorable ones.”

“Our informants claim that the annexes to the contracts guaranteed them huge severance pay. They themselves refused to talk to Rz about it,” the newspaper wrote on Thursday.

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They changed the contracts

“According to our unofficial information, standard employment contracts (constructed in 2016 and introduced in accordance with the statute by a resolution of the Foundation Council) were changed by the management board when the new coalition took power in Poland,” the article wrote.

– Previously, they had poor security because they did not allow losing in the elections and no one cared about it – says one of the daily's sources, quoted in the article.

According to the information provided in the article, “after the changes, their non-competition ban was to be extended to 12 months with a full monthly salary, which amounts to approximately PLN 400,000.”

The former management does not respond or denies it

According to “Rzeczpospolita”, Cezary Jurkiewicz did not provide a specific answer to the daily's questions. “I am a person who does not hold the position of president of the management board or a public office. Thank you for your questions with a thesis containing information that requires verification in terms of truthfulness, which I cannot help with” – “Rzeczpospolita” quotes Jurkiewicz's statement.

Michał Góras said that he “cannot comment on this matter”, and Marcin Zarzecki said in an interview with “Rz”: “I do not comment on any decisions made as part of PFN's activities. Everything was done lege artis, our activities were based on the applicable law. law and expert analyses.

Main photo source: Leszek Szymański/PAP

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