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Polish Order – changes in taxes. Accountants alert on monthly health insurance calculations

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Accountants are critical of the tax changes in the Polish Order and warn that ten days to calculate the monthly income of entrepreneurs is definitely too short. In their opinion, this will mean that errors and corrections will often appear – we read in Rzeczpospolita.

Accountants on tax changes in the Polish Lada – health insurance premium

“The new rules for paying the health insurance contribution calculated on the entrepreneur’s income by the 10th or 15th day of the next month proposed in the Polish Łada may derail for a very prosaic reason – business and its accountants will not be able to calculate the levy in an appropriate amount on time” – we learn from log.

– This is an unrealistic term, completely detached from reality – stated Izabela Leśniewska, a tax advisor at Alo-2, quoted by Rzeczpospolita.

Janusz Menkina, the owner of an accounting office, is of a similar opinion. – I provide services to nearly 250 entrepreneurs and I do not see any possibility of meeting the new requirements – he emphasized for the newspaper.

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Health contribution and the Polish Order – a matter of deadlines

As Rzeczpospolita has written, the solution to the problem “would be to change the time limits for payment of social security contributions, which have been in force for many years”. “Now people running a business pay a fixed amount of health insurance. The project presented by the Ministry of Finance shows that next year it will amount to 9% of income calculated for PIT purposes. pay an advance on PIT “- explained in the journal.

– The Polish Order shows that income must be calculated much faster. (…) After changing the regulations, the premium has to be calculated every month, and we will only get 10 or 15 days to determine the income from the activity. Within this period, you will also have to inform ZUS about the amount of your income – Menkin explained in an interview with Rzeczpospolita.

– In general, an invoice can be issued, with some exceptions, by the 15th day of the following month. So it is impossible to calculate the income until the 10th day, since the entrepreneur does not have all the invoices yet. In many companies, especially in corporations, the remuneration of contractors performing orders is calculated only after a few or even several days from the end of the month. And only then do they know the amount to be invoiced – explained Leśniewska in the newspaper.

“Even the documents issued in the month of sale often slip to the accountants with a slip. And it will be very difficult to settle all of them by the 10th day of the next month” – emphasized Rzeczpospolita.

On Monday, the deputy prime minister Jarosław Gowin announced that the Agreement would present its own proposals to the Polish Governance in tax matters. – I hope they will be accepted by the coalition partners – he added.

Polish Order – the most important assumptions

The Polish Order is a new socio-economic program for the post-pandemic period, endorsed by the parties forming the United Right. Its foundations are 7 percent. GDP for health; tax reduction for 18 million Poles (including tax-free amount up to PLN 30 thousand and raising the tax threshold from PLN 85.5 thousand to PLN 120 thousand), investments that will generate PLN 500 thousand. new jobs, apartments without own contribution and a house up to 70 sq m without formalities, as well as a pension without tax up to PLN 2,500.

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