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Polish order. Government spokesman Piotr Mueller on deputy minister Anna Kornecka: the prime minister did not hide his indignation

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During Wednesday’s press conference, government spokesman Piotr Mueller referred to the statement by Deputy Minister Anna Kornecka from the Agreement, who on Tuesday criticized the tax solutions proposed in the Polish Lada on TVN24. As he admitted, he is “surprised” by her statements. He also reported that he had talked about the Kornecka case with Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

At the conference, Mueller was asked if Deputy Minister of Development, Labor and Technology Anna Kornecka (Understanding) he will lose his position. He replied that if any personnel decisions were made, he would inform about it.


Kornecka spoke critically about the tax solutions proposed in the Polish Lada. As she said on TVN24, the Agreement clearly sets the boundaries and opposes such a sharp increase in taxes. She announced that “we will not support such solutions in this shape”. When asked if this would be the end of the Agreement’s presence in the United Right, she replied: – If the situation requires it and it is necessary to end this project by protesting against the tax increase, it will probably be our end in the United Right.

Anna Kornecka in “One for One”TVN24

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Government spokesman: the prime minister did not hide his indignation

– I am surprised by the statements of Deputy Minister Kornecka, which are unreliable in terms of this tax-related project – said the government spokesman at the conference.

He also reported that he talked about the matter on Wednesday with Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. – I must admit that he (the prime minister – editor) did not hide his indignation with the fact that Minister Kornecka, first of all, paralyzes work related to the key laws concerning the Polish Order, Mueller said.

According to the spokesman for the government, “the least advanced projects in terms of legislative work and the entirety of activities from the top ten of these acts, which we talked about, or the regulations for the first 100 days, are exactly two acts, the implementation of which is subject directly to Deputy Minister Kornecka”. – This is an act on easier, faster construction of houses up to 70 meters, which means reducing the formalities in this regard. And the second act, which is to guarantee the own contribution to the purchase of a flat – he clarified.

Government spokesman on the case of Deputy Minister Kornecka from the Agreement: the prime minister did not hide his indignation TVN24

– The implementation of these two laws is really delayed, so we cannot accept such actions. In fact, the Prime Minister at the moment, when it comes to all these activities related to the implementation of statutory projects, the two key projects out of the ten most important in the Polish Lada, (…) he is very dissatisfied with this situation – said Mueller.

Government spokesman Piotr Mueller PAP / Paweł Supernak

Mueller: I am convinced that the Agreement will support the Polish Deal

– I am convinced that this project (Polish Order – ed.) Will be adopted at the beginning of September by the Council of Ministers, and later supported by the members of the Agreement. Are they all? I am not prejudging it at the moment, said Mueller, answering journalists’ questions.

He announced that “The Polish Order and the project, which was presented in the first version, was discussed with all coalition partners.” He added that he personally participated in the meeting “which summed up the findings at the level of the leaders of PiS, Solidarity Poland and the Agreement”.

Mueller: I am convinced that the Agreement will support the Polish DealTVN24

He admitted that “later there were some discrepancies” regarding the detailed solutions indicated by the deputy prime minister, leader of the Covenant, Jarosław Gowin. He informed that some of the comments had been taken into account in the legislative process. – At the moment, the process of public consultations is underway, we are open to certain corrections, but, I would like to emphasize, corrections, not fundamental changes – he said.

Main photo source: PAP / Paweł Supernak

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