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Polish Order – relief for the middle class. Impact on wages and taxes

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According to the assumptions of the Polish Deal, it is enough to exceed the limit of the middle class allowance by one zloty for it to disappear – writes “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna”. This means that the extra bonus in December may mean that the employee will have to return to the tax office everything that he previously saved from the relief from all previous months.

– At the end of the year, subordinates will refuse to accept raises and annual awards, as long as they do not exceed the statutory salary limit and do not have to return the entire tax relief on the annual tax return – comments Daniel Więckowski, tax advisor and partner at LTCA.

Middle class relief versus salary and bonuses

According to the newspaper, the new preference was created for people earning monthly from PLN 5,701 to PLN 11,141, i.e. from PLN 68,412 to PLN 133,692 per year. However, it is enough to exceed this limit by even one zloty, and the relief will be lost. Then a problem will arise because, in principle, employers will have to take into account the preference already during the year when calculating monthly PIT advances on wages.

– If the annual income of an employee is exceeded by, for example, PLN 1 (for example, PLN 133,693), the employee will have to pay extra PIT by submitting an annual tax return – confirms to the daily Dr. legal.

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When asked whether in such a situation the tax office will also be able to demand late payment interest on the underestimated PIT advances during the year, she replies that, in her opinion, not, because the employer correctly calculated the amount of the monthly advance during the year.


According to the newspaper, in the opinion of the advisers, employers will also have a lot of trouble, as they will have to constantly monitor the monthly salary of each employee. It will be burdensome, especially when the subordinate’s remuneration changes every month, because each time the employee receives, for example, a sales bonus, the amount of which is variable.

“But the right to the relief may also be affected by a one-time bonus, not necessarily a monetary one. The new preference, although called a relief for the middle class, is actually a ‘relief for employees’. It will not be available to entrepreneurs, freelancers, or on the basis of a mandate contract or a specific specific work contract “, we read in” DGP “.

Polish Order

The Polish Order is a new socio-economic program for the post-pandemic period, endorsed by the parties forming the United Right. Its foundations are 7 percent. GDP for health; increasing the tax-free amount to 30,000 PLN and raising the tax threshold from 85.5 thousand. PLN up to 120 thousand. PLN), retirement pension up to PLN 2,500 without tax, investments that are to generate PLN 500,000 new jobs, flats with own contribution guaranteed by the state and a house of up to 70 sq m without any formalities.

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