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Polish Order. Student loans, PiS proposals

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The government coalition is arguing over the Polish Order – not only taxes are a difficult topic. The student loan is also troublesome. PiS announces that this is a new solution, but students have been able to take out loans for years. Material of the magazine “Polska i Świat”.

In the case of student loans proposed in the Polish Lada, the “novelty” of the idea baffles even those who once headed the ministry of higher education in the PiS government. – The case is not new, because 10-15 years ago it was possible that the bank granted loans to students for studies – says the Deputy Speaker of the Senate and the former Minister of Science and Higher Education in 2006-2007 Michał Seweryński.


PiS wants student loans. These have been around for a long time

And yet in the latest program of the United Right, we read that “a student loan is a solution that should also be available in Poland”, although in fact it has been available for 23 years. PiS itself, three years ago, introduced a new law on student loans. – PiS in the Polish Lada is trying to break down the door that is already open to those who want to take a student loan – says analyst and economist Rafał Mundry.

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For the government, this information is also not new, because information about granting student loans can be read on the website of the Ministry of Education and Science, and the ministry boasts every year how many people use them.

Students themselves also praise them. – Over 400,000 students took advantage of such loans and it is a good form of help for people who, for some reason, did not qualify for the rector’s scholarship or the social scholarship, and would like to support themselves during their studies – emphasizes Natalia Marciniak from the Independent Students’ Association.

PiS wants student loans. These have been around for a long timeTVN24

PiS spokesman explains the rules of the new student loan

So a slight mess has crept into the Polish Order, but when asked about it, the government spokesman rushes to explain. – There is a system, but we will introduce a new system of student loans – announces Piotr Mueller. – The point is that most of the certificates should be collected automatically from IT systems, so that it is quick, that it has a different amount, so that it can be redeemed in a different scope – he adds.

It’s just that in the description of the allegedly new system there is no mention of automation, but that the loan will be able to be taken by people “without fixed income”, and after the study period, installments will depend on the earnings of the graduates – which, according to the analysis of Konkret24, may turn out to be a departure from the income criterion as a condition for receiving a loan and the end of repaying relatively low installments.

– PiS usually does two things. On the one hand, he adds the nickname “national”, so my guess is that now there will be “national student loans”. However, there is a high risk that conditions will worsen – says Katarzyna Lubnauer from the Civic Coalition. The opposition does not give the rulers a credit of confidence. Their idea can – the already resolved – problem of student loans can be resolved or re-created.

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