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Polish Order – Taxes. A new government idea: lowering the health insurance premium from 9 to 3 percent

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The Polish Order is a pre-election program of Law and Justice, but as internal party polls show, it was badly received by the public. Therefore, the government is considering lowering the health insurance premium from 9 to even 3 percent – “Rzeczpospolita” writes.

“According to our informant from government circles, PiS has research which shows that over 75 percent of Poles negatively evaluate tax proposals prepared under the Polish Order. Therefore, the government is looking for a way to withdraw from them with cancer or to improve their reception” – informs “Rzeczpospolita”.

Health contribution in the Polish Lada – the idea of ​​lowering

The daily reports that “one of the ideas would be to weaken the increase in burdens caused by the inclusion of a larger group of taxpayers in the obligation to pay 9% of the health insurance contribution, with the simultaneous abolition of the possibility of deducting it from the tax”.

– The proposal of 9% of the contribution was a drastic increase in taxes – the newspaper quotes the informant.

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Polish Order – the impact of tax changes and health contributions

WITH Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) of a draft tax act We learn that the revenues of the National Health Fund in the coming years will be higher by approx. PLN 11 billion per year, i.e. from 2022 to 2031 it will amount to PLN 115 billion. “It is mainly these data that contribute to the poor reception of tax changes from the Polish Deal” – emphasizes “Rzeczpospolita”.

– The government is considering lowering the health insurance premium. There was a proposition of 3 instead of 9 percent. Such a contribution would be non-deductible from the tax – explains the journal’s informant.

“In his opinion, there is also a 3 percentage point reduction in the part of the contribution that can be deducted from tax today. The premium is already 9 percent, but 7.75 percent can be deducted from tax in the annual tax return. changes would mean an increase in the burden, but still much less drastic than what is now on the table “, explains Rzeczpospolita.

He emphasizes that the final government decision has not yet been made. – Public consultations on tax changes in the Polish Lada last theoretically until the end of August. The final decision on the health insurance premium may therefore be announced by the prime minister only at the beginning of September – says the interlocutor of the daily.

Tax changes of the Polish Governance – opinions

Tax changes in the Polish Lada criticizes, inter alia, Confederation Lewiatan. The organization’s calculations show that virtually all entrepreneurs will lose the changes. Both – as indicated in the announcement – are taxed on general principles, with a flat rate tax, a lump sum on recorded income and a tax card.

Former prime minister and currently a member of the European Parliament, Marek Belka said “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24that the Polish Deal was supposed to be a great shot, which was to lead to an increase in the popularity of Law and Justice in the polls, and it turned out that a hood was used instead of a huge gun.

Belka drew attention to “the last letter of several thousand accountantswho crush these government tax proposals. “Besides, this is another blow to local governments, and we know what” love “and” care “this government has with local governments, he noted.

Polish Order – changes in taxes

The Polish Order is a new socio-economic program for the post-pandemic period, endorsed by the parties forming the United Right. The most important proposals for tax changes are to increase the tax-free amount from PLN 8,000 to PLN 30,000. Moreover, increasing from PLN 85,528 to PLN 120,000 the tax threshold starting the second income bracket, to which 32% applies. tax rate.

Earlier, it was also proposed to abolish the tax deduction of part of the health insurance contribution and replace the flat-rate health insurance contribution currently paid by small entrepreneurs with a contribution proportional to income.

In the regulatory impact assessment attached to the draft tax act being part of the Polish Deal, the government provided, inter alia, calculations regarding the impact of changes on the income of local government units within 10 years from the implementation of the changes. The authors of the draft estimate that in the first 10 years of the new regulations being in force, local governments will lose over PLN 132 billion, while local government associations calculate the loss at 145 billion.

Rzeczpospolita, TVN24 Biznes

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