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Polish Order – taxes, health insurance. Tadeusz Kościński explains

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Some tax changes that are part of the Polish Deal program are controversial. Among other things, the issue of health insurance is discussed. We are quite advanced in talks on the amount of the health insurance premium and we agree that it will be implemented gradually – announced Minister of Finance Tadeusz Kościński on radio Jedynka.

The Polish Order is a new socio-economic program for the post-pandemic period, endorsed by the parties forming the United Right. At the end of July, the Ministry of Finance published a draft tax act that is part of the Polish Deal.

The most important changes include the proposal to increase the tax-free amount from PLN 8,000 to PLN 30,000. Moreover, increasing from PLN 85,528 to PLN 120,000 the tax threshold starting the second income bracket, to which 32% applies. tax rate. At the same time, it was proposed to abolish the tax deduction of part of the health insurance contribution and to replace the flat-rate health insurance contribution currently paid by small entrepreneurs with a contribution proportional to income.


Polish Order – health premium

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Consultations on the proposed solutions are currently underway. – The government talks all the time with our partners from the market. We want to explain why we want to do what we want to do, i.e. the health insurance premium remains the same, but is it tax deductible? I think we are talking, we are beginning to understand each other and there will be an appropriate solution – said Minister of Finance Tadeusz Kościński on radio Jedynka, answering the question about possible mitigation of changes introduced as part of the Polish Deal.

The head of the Ministry of Finance pointed out that a compromise is already drawing, related to the issue of the amount of the tax deduction of health insurance contributions. – We are quite advanced in the talks (about the amount of the health insurance premium – ed.) That it will be implemented gradually. Will it be 3 percent, or 3.5 percent, or 2.5 percent, or 2.7 percent next year and what will be the scale in the coming years, I would not like to speak yet, because as I said – we are still talking – Kościński said.

The minister made a reservation that the health insurance premium was still 9 percent. and that any changes will only apply to people who pay a flat-rate health insurance contribution, i.e. entrepreneurs.

Health care contribution

Currently, the health premium is 9 percent. the basis of its dimension, with 7.75 percent. tax deductible. The premium is fixed – flat rate, and entrepreneurs, regardless of income, pay a premium of PLN 382.

The Polish Order assumes that the premium will remain at the level of 9 percent, but for entrepreneurs the basis for the calculation will be actual income. After the changes, they will pay 9 percent. your actual income – not tax deductible.

The Ministry of Finance justifies the change by the fact that employees and entrepreneurs will pay a health insurance premium of 9 percent. income, and thus it will be less beneficial to force employees to contract for specific work or mandate.

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