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Polish Order – Taxes. The opposition wants the bill to be rejected

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On Friday, the first reading of the draft amendments to tax laws related to the Polish Deal program took place. Koalicja Obywatelska has filed a motion to reject the proposal at first reading. – PiS does not want to debate the Polish Government, because it will soon turn out that it is not a cut, but a raise, and that it is not a success, but a defeat – judged KO deputy Izabela Leszczyna.

– The most important changes introduced by the draft amendments to tax laws include the increase of the tax exempt amount to PLN 30,000. PLN, raising the tax threshold to 120 thousand. PLN, changes in the lump sum. As a result of the changes in the tax, those earning the minimum wage will not pay, the number of people paying tax at the second tax rate will drop by half. 18 million Poles will benefit from the reduction, and as a result of the changes in the pockets of Poles, PLN 16.5 billion will be left – said Deputy Minister of Finance Jan Sarnowski, presenting the draft.

Polish order and taxes. Deputy minister on changes

He added that the proposed changes are beneficial for entrepreneurs who will benefit from the PLN 16.5 billion, because they will return to the economy. He also talked about tax changes for companies aimed at attracting investments to Poland. He stated that as a result of the pandemic, many global companies decide to move their production to our region in order to be closer to consumers in Western Europe.


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– None of the countries in our region is passively waiting for investments (…). We have a chance to win this race, because the changes in taxes will result in an incentive to focus on Poland and the development of small and medium-sized enterprises – added Sarnowski.

According to Henryk Kowalczyk, who presented the position of the Law and Justice Parliamentary Club to the project, the presented project is “fundamental”.

– This is a fundamental law that introduces revolutionary changes with huge benefits for taxpayers. Free amount 30 thousand PLN – many years ago no one dreamed of such an amount. It is a system that supports all taxpayers, especially those with the lowest earnings. Another change – a huge leap in the tax threshold to 120,000. zloty. We also treat those with average incomes privileged – added Kowalczyk.

Polish order. Izabela Leszczyna: it is not a success but a failure

Izabela Leszczyna, who presented the position of the Civic Coalition Parliamentary Club, announced on behalf of the club that she would submit a request to reject the bill at first reading.

– PiS does not want to debate the Polish Government, because it will soon turn out that it is not a cut, but a raise, and that it is not a success, but a failure. The most important element of this change is the abolition of the health contribution relief, which takes people PLN 80 billion. But they do not give it to the health service, because PLN 7 billion will flow to the National Health Fund. So they will take away to some, give to others. From the PLN 16 billion that you say you give, you take away PLN 12 billion from these people, because you take away from local governments that would offer public services to these people – said the deputy. Dariusz Wieczorek, MP, who presented the position of the Left Parliamentary Club, announced the lack of support for the project in its current shape. – The project, which is proudly called an element of the Polish Order, is a project that imposes new burdens on Poles, entrepreneurs, and all of us. This is indeed Frankenstein – a bill made up of various ideas, solutions, etc. As you present this project now, no one will support this project – said the MP from Lewica. Krzysztof Paszyk also declared that he did not support the project in its current form during the presentation of the position of the Parliamentary Club of the Polish Coalition. – Poland is among the 10 most hostile tax residences. After reading the bill, I have the impression that next year we will be promoted in this ranking. You are promoting the myth of a greedy millionaire entrepreneur, flowing with wealth, which now needs to be nibbled in order to take as much as possible from him. And this is a myth and a lie that needs to be debunked, a Polish entrepreneur is not a millionaire, but a hard-working man, chasing from one to the first, who cannot count on the state – said MP Paszyk.

Krzysztof Bosak on behalf of the Circle of Deputies Confederation announced the submission of an amendment that will restore the possibility of deducting the paid health insurance from tax.

Paulina Henning-Kloska from Koło Polska 2050 stated that the increase of the tax exempt amount and the tax threshold should take place a long time ago, but she called the compensation for this action by eliminating the possibility of writing off the health insurance contribution a fraud.

Jarosław Gowin, on behalf of the Covenant circle, called the Polish Order a great blow to the middle class, and added that “in terms of taxes, it is a socialist fraud.”

Zbigniew Giżyński from the Polish Affairs circle stated that the tax changes are revolutionary, which is not good because “the revolution is not good because it brings many changes in a short time, for which it will be difficult to prepare” for example family businesses.

Jan Sarnowski’s answer

Deputy Minister of Finance Jan Sarnowski, answering questions from MPs, presented statistics related to tax changes. He said he would gain 90 percent from the changes. retirees, i.e. 8.1 million people. He added that pensioners receiving the benefit up to 11 thousand. PLN a month will not lose on these changes, and up to PLN 200 a month will pay 6%. retirees, and more than PLN 200 a month – will pay 0.3 percent retirees with an income of over PLN 13.2 thousand zloty.

The calculations presented by Sarnowski show that 67 percent will benefit from the changes. employees, or 8.2 million people, 20 percent. it will not lose more than PLN 200 a month, it will have to pay additional 2.6 percent. employees. The deputy minister also added that the changes will be favorable for 40 percent. business activities.

Main photo source: PAP / Wojciech Olkuśnik

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