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Polish services broke up a gang of people smugglers. 10 people were detained

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Illegal immigrants were taken over on our eastern border and transported to the Polish-German border. They took five thousand euros from each. Police officers and Border Guard officers detained a 10-member gang of smugglers, including two of its bosses.

They had no chance to escape – the police and the Border Guard surprised them at home. They were sleeping because they were on a break from trips to the border. – They did not expect our visit and did not have a chance to react – informs the operational officer of the Central Police Investigation Bureau.

The detainees are a group of couriers who transported groups of immigrants through Poland who managed to get to our country through the border with Belarus. – They were mainly citizens of Iraq and Afghanistan, although there were also other countries such as Turkey or Iran – Szymon Banna from the District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw reports.

The detainees picked up the immigrants at an agreed place near the border with Belarus and took them to the Polish-German border. – There, these immigrants were left behind and crossed the border with Germany on foot. They were headed for the countries of Western Europe – adds podkom. Paweł Żukiewicz from the Central Police Investigation Bureau.

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Border Guard: Belarusian regime profits from illegal migration

For one illegal immigrant transported from the eastern to the western border, they received five thousand euros. A few days ago, just such a transport, with people looking for a better life in the West, was chased by the Silesian police through the streets of Żory. The bus driven by a 23-year-old Pole was stopped only when it crashed into the gate of the allotment gardens.

– In the vehicle, the police discovered 21 immigrants of Syrian origin – said Asp. Marcin Leśniak from the Municipal Police Headquarters in Żory. – There is a lot of money at stake and these people do not hesitate to do anything, not to mention the lives of immigrants they transport in various, often scandalous conditions – emphasizes Lieutenant Anna Michalska from the Border Guard Headquarters.

Immigrants got to Poland through the border with Slovakia, but the largest groups of immigrants still come from Belarus. – This is primarily the result of the fact that the Belarusian regime makes money on illegal migration. Here there are no random migrants who cross this border for free, everything is paid for and everything is carefully organized – explains Michalska.

The transfer of migrants takes place despite the fact that a several-meter fence has been erected along almost the entire length of the border with Belarus. – (Immigrants get in – editor’s note) through ladders provided by Belarusian services and wire cutters, or in places where there are no barriers, i.e. by rivers – informs senior staff warrant officer Michał Bura from the Podlaskie Border Guard Unit.

A four-year-old child thrown over a wall at the border USBPChief/Twitter

This year alone, the Border Guard detained over 400 people involved in people smuggling in Poland. For illegally transporting immigrants across the border, there are heavy penalties – up to eight years in prison.

Main photo source: border guards

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