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Polish Television is back in the hands of citizens. “The president says: I declare that I will cooperate”

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The new government set a course for change. So that public media are such not only in name. PiS seems to be shouting “all the way back” in every possible way. The TVP headquarters is fenced with barriers and police tape. PiS MPs are still keeping watch in the building.

The barriers placed in front of the TVP headquarters are the result of what happened at Woronicza 17 in the previous days. There were arguments and fights with the police at the TVP headquarters. Instead of taking part in the work of the Sejm, PiS MPs came to the Polish Television building for “deputy interventions”, and other people entered the building with them. Robert Bąkiewicz entered the TVP building together with PiS MP Dariusz Matecki as Matecki’s “assistant”. The former leader of the nationalists is not included in the official list of the MP’s associates, and yet the men not only passed through the gates, but also reached the studio, where preparations for the evening program were underway. Only then were they asked to leave the building by the police. The PiS MPs themselves, also present on TVP, could not explain what the former nationalist leader was doing there.

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Defend freedom of speech together with Robert Bąkiewicz, who became famous, among other things, for jamming the speech of a participant of the Warsaw Uprising, came Dariusz Matecki, who played an important role in the government media campaign. An action that caused the family of MP Magdalena Filiks to suffer. – The fact that we are restoring law and the rule of law in Poland and that public media have a chance to truly become public media is, in my opinion, not enough. There are people working there who are really responsible for various crimes. For me it was an organized criminal group – emphasizes Magdalena Filiks from the Civic Coalition.

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There are still PiS MPs at the TVP headquartersTVN24

Andrzej Duda declares his readiness to cooperate with the government

For eight years, the message of television, previously public and until Wednesday pro-PiS, has focused on attacking Donald Tusk, political hate and hate campaigns against his opponents. Now the head of the PiS club and former minister of national defense wants to defend TVP. – We intend to fight for the rule of law, we oppose violating the constitution. What we are dealing with is a dictate. Colonel Sienkiewicz is introducing customs straight from the Polish People’s Republic – says Mariusz Błaszczak from PiS.

However, this is only the beginning, because the issue of public media must be resolved by law. The president, prime minister and speaker of the Sejm agree on this. – The president says “I declare that I will cooperate.” This must be dealt with by law. The Prime Minister asks the President “when can we start, tomorrow?” The president replies “no problem, even tomorrow.” So I understand that there is a readiness for this matter, and the one related to the National Council of the Judiciary, to be dealt with on the basis of the act, which we will talk to the president about in advance, and we will not pass something that we will wait for him to veto – explains Szymon Hołownia .

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For now, the president is openly criticizing the changes introduced. – The constitution was blatantly violated by Minister Sienkiewicz. It cannot be that the Sejm issues resolutions and these resolutions, according to the constitutional minister, replace laws – says Andrzej Duda. Minister of Culture Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz – responsible for changes in TVP, Polskie Radio and PAP – does not want to comment on the president’s words and does not inform about further plans.

Main photo source: TVN24

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