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Political clash in Stalowa Wola. PO responds to Morawiecki’s threats

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Campaign meetings are not always comfortable and easy for politicians. Civic Platform takes up the gloves in places that are more favorable to the party in power – including Stalowa Wola. Material of the magazine “Polska i Świat”.

On Wednesday, there was a political battle for Huta Stalowa Wola. – Here I stand and I will stand on the side of the truth and I will not be deceived by this man – says Renata Butryn from Platforma Obywatelska.

At the same time, a PO press conference was held and a counter-manifestation organized by the president of Stalowa Wola and PiS politician Lucius Nadbereżny. – Huta Stolowa Wola, after the difficult moments of its history, finally has huge support from the government of Law and Justice – he assured.

– Prime Minister Morawiecki a few weeks ago threatened physical violence if we come here. And what, Mr. Morawiecki? – said the former Minister of National Defense Tomasz Siemoniak.

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Tomasz Siemoniak in Stalowa WolaTVN24

This is a reaction to the Prime Minister’s words from three weeks ago. – The workers there told me that if those from the PO came here, I should tell them to put on very thick fleece jackets, because they will beat them with sticks – stated the head of the government.

– There are difficult places, but people who deserve the truth live there and in these difficult places you have to lie to what Morawiecki says – stresses Borys Budka from Platforma Obywatelska.

PiS sends political support to Stalowa Wola

PO’s visit to Stalowa Wola was clearly not for PiS. That is why the president received political support in Stalowa Wola from the Ministry of State Assets in the morning.

– The time of the rule of the Civic Platform and Donald Tusk was a nightmare time in terms of the social situation in Stalowa Wola – says Lucius Nadbereżny.

– I would be ashamed to come to Huta Stalowa Wola if I were Siemoniak or (former Deputy Minister of Treasury Zdzisław) Gawlik and other PO politicians who brought Huta to the brink of bankruptcy – says Deputy Minister of State Assets Andrzej Śliwka, standing next to the president of Stalowa Wola.

The presence of the Civic Platform in Podkarpacie is no accident. – When the prime minister tells someone not to go somewhere and be afraid, it may sound like a threat. We are not afraid of Morawiecki and his threats, because he, I have the impression, will be transported in wheelbarrows – says Robert Kropiwnicki from the Civic Platform.

“Tusk is doing what Kaczynski considers impossibilism”

Some meetings in the field can be difficult – for example, when trade unionists from the Turów mine came to Jelenia Góra.

– Reactive tactics. Either you win or you don’t win, but so far, if it is positive, they will continue to do so, says Mirosław Oczkoś, an image and political marketing expert. – People can see that he went again and was not afraid or went where he was not supposed to go – adds Mirosław Oczkoś.

Tusk spontaneously accepted invitations from farmers. He also wanted to take up the gloves when he met with trade unionists in Rafako in Racibórz. “There will be no change of opinion. Each of you has your own view of Poland and what is happening today, said the former prime minister on the spot.

When PiS accused him that the poor condition of the company was his fault, he said: “I feel co-responsible for what has been happening with Rafako in recent years, if only because when I was prime minister, I participated in the preparation of orders.”

– Donald Tusk has chosen a method that works, that is, he is doing something that Jarosław Kaczyński considers to be impossibilism, that it cannot be done – emphasizes Mirosław Oczkoś. “People from the street can come to the meetings,” he notes. There may be more confrontations similar to the one in Stalowa Wola during the campaign.

Main photo source: TVN24

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