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“Polityka” passports 2022 – winners. Who received the awards? [LISTA ZWYCIĘZCÓW]

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“Polityka” 2022 passports went to the winners. Among the winners of the jubilee, 30th edition of Polityka’s cultural awards were: Jan Holoubek, 1988, Agata Słowak and Grzegorz Piątek. A special award – Creator of Culture – was awarded to three outstanding artists: Dorota Masłowska, Wilhelm Sasnal and Ryszard Poznakowski.

“Polityka” 2022 passports have been distributed. The jubilee, 30th edition of the awarding of one of the most important cultural awards in Poland took place at the Grand Theater – National Opera in Warsaw. The hosts of the evening were Grażyna Torbicka and the editor-in-chief of Polityka, Jerzy Baczyński.

One of the main rules of rewards is that you can only receive them once. They are awarded in seven categories: Film, Theatre, Literature, Visual Arts, Classical Music, Popular Music and Digital Culture. All nominees receive PLN 10,000, and winners – PLN 20,000.


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“Polityka” passports 2022 – winners

Traditionally, the first prize of the evening was awarded in the Film category. The winner was the director Jan Holoubek for the series “Big Water”.

Jan Holoubek is the winner of the “Polityka” Passport in the Film categoryTVN

It was awarded in the Theater category Jakub Skrzenek – artistic director of the Contemporary Theater in Szczecin. Skrzywanek is the creator of, among others, “Death John Paul II” (Polish Theater in Poznań) and the performance “SPARTAKUS. Love in times of plague.” – I want to dedicate this award to Wiktor and Martyna, who are no longer with us. And also to hundreds of people who couldn’t live in modern Poland. face exclusion, homophobia, and any form of violence from the authorities in Poland today, said the laureate.

Jakub Skrzywanek received the Passport "policy" 2022 in the Theater category

Jakub Skrzywanek received the “Polityka” Passport 2022 in the Theater categoryTVN

Anna and Jakub Górnickico-creators of the international reporting start-up Outriders, were appreciated in the category of Digital Culture, for the project “One day with”.

Anna and Jakub Górnicki (Outriders) are winners in the category of Digital Culture

Anna and Jakub Górnicki (Outriders) are winners in the category of Digital CultureTVN

Painter Agata Slovak was awarded in the Visual Arts category. – I would like to wish everyone to be as free as the queer people in my paintings – thanked the laureate.

Agata Słowak with a Passport in the Visual Arts category

Agata Słowak with a Passport in the Visual Arts categoryTVN

He won in the Literature category Gregory Friday.

In the category of classical music, the conductor was awarded – Anna Sułkowska-Migoń.

The “Polityka” 2022 passport in the Popular Music category was awarded to a rapper and music producer 1988 (Przemysław Jankowiak) among others for the album “Ruleta”.

“Polityka” passports 2022. Three winners of the Kreator Kultury award

This year – in connection with the jubilee of the 30th anniversary of “Polityka” Passports – three special awards were presented – Creator of Culture. The awards are granted jointly with the Association of Authors ZAiKS. The first of the Kreatorka Kultury awards went to her hands Dorota Masłowska.

He also received the Kreator Kultury passport William Sasnal.

He was the third winner of the Kreator Kultury special award Richard Poznakowski.

“Polityka” passports 2022 – nominees“Polityka” weekly

“Polityka” passports 2022. List of winners and nominees:

Movie: Jan Holoubek – the winnerDamian Kocur, Agnieszka Smoczynska
Theater: Michał Buszewicz, Agnieszka Jakimiak, Jakub Skrzywanek – the winner
Literature: Urszula Honek, Grzegorz Piatek – the winnerIshbel Szatrawska
visual arts: Solidarny Dom Kultury Słonecznik, Potentia, Agata Słowak – the winner
Classical music: Szymon Chojnacki, Lilianna Krych, Anna Sułkowska-Migoń – the winner
Popular music: 1988 (Przemyslaw Jankowiak) – winnerMrozu, Szczyl
digital culture: Anna and Jakub Górnicki (Outriders) – winnersFlying Wild Hog, Mateusz Skutnik

Author:Tomasz-Marcin Wrona / prpb

Main photo source: TVN24

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