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Pomerania. A direct punch to the drug underworld. They smuggled marijuana among potatoes from Spain

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Polish services, with the support of Spanish services and Europol, broke up an organized criminal group whose members smuggled narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances from Spain through the Netherlands and Germany to Poland. 20 suspects are detained.

The criminal practice took place in the Lubuskie Voivodeship. As reported by Sub-Insp. Iwona Jurkiewicz, spokeswoman CBSPmembers of the group, under the cover of a legally operating company transporting fruit and vegetables, smuggled significant amounts of various types of drugs to Poland in refrigerators, including marijuana, hashish and cocaine.

“The findings of the officers show that the gang members had connections with the milieu of hooligans of various sports clubs, whose members are antagonistic towards each other. The collected evidence indicates that the gang members illegally bought firearms, most likely to protect their interests” – said the policewoman.

First arrests in 2022

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The first arrests took place in April 2022 in the Greater Poland Voivodeship, where seven men were detained during the transshipment of goods. Among the potatoes brought from Spain 158 packages containing marijuana were also smuggled. During the searches of the detained properties, the uniforms found and seized more drugs. At that time, the German services detained two people in the vicinity of Dusseldorf, who were also involved in drug smuggling.

The police confiscated the jewelryCBSP

But the arrests don’t end there. Recently, the services detained another 14 people, securing about 200,000. PLN in various currencies and jewelery worth nearly PLN 450,000. zloty. “The detainees heard allegations of acting in an organized criminal group and participating in intra-Community transport of narcotics. The collected evidence shows that gang members could be involved in the smuggling of over three tons of marijuana, with a black market value of PLN 150 million” – explained the inspector. Iwona Jurkiewicz.

Activities of Polish and Spanish services

She added that there were more arrests in Spain. “Guardia Civil and Policia Nacional officers, with the support of CBŚP policemen, detained 6 people who were temporarily arrested. During the operation, officers secured over EUR 530,000 and five forged identity documents. Extradition proceedings have already been initiated in relation to those detained,” Jurkiewicz said. .

The detained suspects acted in an organized criminal groupCBSP

The detained suspects acted in an organized criminal groupCBSP

In total, there are already 42 suspects in the investigation. 260 kg of marijuana, 5 kg of amphetamine, cocaine, 3 units of firearms with ammunition, as well as about PLN 3 million in cash in various currencies, and real estate worth about PLN 1.9 million was secured.

Main photo source: CBSP

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