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Pomerania. Czersk. Spółdzielnia Inwalidów “Equality” has problems. There are less and less orders

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The industrial action may look funny, but the matter is very serious. At stake is the future of the sheltered workshop – the “Równość” cooperative in Czersk in Pomerania. For his employees, it’s to be or not to be. There are less and less orders, bills are rising and there will be more layoffs.

They laugh, but no one is happy. They came dancing, but in combative moods. Poverty, which looked into the eyes of the Disabled Cooperative, asks to dance. When the main recipient of the slippers withdrew, the plant found itself on a bend, and with it the crew. The fight to save 140 jobs continues. The domestic reality does not spoil. – We need orders. As of today, this is actually the biggest problem of all plants, and also profitability, production costs, electricity costs, heating costs, and, additionally, the lowest national cost, for which, we do not hide, we have to bear the costs in our plant. This is the biggest problem for us – explains Maciej Duch, president of Spółdzielnia Inwalidów “Equality” in Czersk.

Dancing during a protest is a peculiar cry of despair. – We will publicize the problem of the cooperative that exists. Perhaps, as I deeply believe, there will be a service recipient who will want to come to Czersk – explains Anna Bielawska-Jutrzenka, director of the Social Services Center in Czersk.

A bleak future

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There are 960 people out of work in the commune. Work there is mainly in services and in the wood industry. For people with disabilities who sew slippers, the offer appears like a cure. Can they count on help from the state? The State Fund for Rehabilitation of the Disabled has been disillusioning for weeks. – The key is to maintain financial liquidity – explains Dariusz Majorek, director of the State Fund for Rehabilitation of the Disabled in Gdańsk.

– The fact that we are currently struggling with such a problem that we cannot pay salaries when it comes to our employees, blocks the possibility of obtaining these funds from PFRON – explains Maciej Duch. It’s a vicious circle. However, the fight is still going on. Even through protest. – The record has been set, which is the first time something like this has happened here. The condition was a minimum of one hundred people dressed in slippers and house slippers. Well, it worked. We had 494 people – says Paulina Garczyk, Records Office in Poznań. By the way, several dozen pairs of slippers were sold. Maybe it’s a good omen?

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