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Pomerania. The Mała Słupina River has been poisoned many times by the sewage treatment plant in Przodkowo

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How sewage is poured into the river with impunity in Poland. From the sewage treatment plant. “There were violations of the norms, this is indisputable”

Photo: Tomasz Slomczyński

It seemed that after the great poisoning of the Oder last summer, we would finally learn to take care of the rivers. But the trace of the discharge of sewage – toilet paper hanging from a drain near Mała Słupina in Pomerania – makes us realize that nothing has really changed. – We should prevent the emergence of pathologies, not patch one hole in a leaky system like a colander. We learn about contamination when it is too late, when the river dies – says hydrologist Michał Przybylski.

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