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Pomeranian. CBŚP action. Detainees and four safes discovered at the bottom of the lakes

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The Central Bureau of Investigation of the Police informed about the arrest of other members of the criminal group from the Pomeranian Voivodeship and four safes in water reservoirs. In one of the safes, the policemen found an envelope with money overlooked by the perpetrators.

According to the information published by CBŚP, the Provincial Police Headquarters in Olsztyn and the National Prosecutor’s Office are also working on the case. In total, there are already 11 suspects who are accused of committing 87 crimes. According to the officers, the members of the group had been breaking into wholesalers and farms for several years in the spring and autumn, from where they stole plant protection products, which were later sold to farmers cooperating with them.


Safes recovered by CBŚP in the Pomeranian Voivodeship CBŚP

Break-ins and thefts

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During the arrest of one of the suspects, the policemen seized agricultural chemicals from the theft, the value of which was approximately PLN 800,000. According to the findings of the investigation, at other times of the year, gang members broke into ATMs and shops, where they stole money and safes. They were also interested in the houses of wealthy people, from where money, valuables, weapons, and even hunting trophies, which they had sold, were stolen.

The collected material shows that some of the suspects may also have been involved in the sale of significant amounts of drugs.

Money recovered by CBŚPCBŚP


In May 2020, most of the suspects were arrested. Currently, there are 11 suspects in the investigation. Investigators found that the suspects may have accounted for at least 87 crimes, and the value of losses suffered by the victims amounts to approximately PLN 11 million.

During the operations, the policemen secured three units of weapons along with ammunition, amphetamines and marijuana. As a result of the actions taken, nearly one million zlotys in cash were also taken over. Only with one suspect, the policemen secured PLN 600,000, which was hidden in the attic of a single-family house.

Cash secured by CBŚPCBŚP

Safes sunk in lakes

The policemen also found four safes from house and shop break-ins. With the support of officers from the Provincial State Fire Service in Gdańsk, metal boxes from lakes, sunk in the Pomeranian Province, were recovered. It turned out that the perpetrators had overlooked the envelope with a lot of cash and threw it away with the safe.

Money and safes recovered by police officers are now evidence. Suspects face a penalty of up to 15 years imprisonment.

Main photo source: CBŚP

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