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Pomeranian Voivodeship. Farmers block S7. “The protest will only expand”

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We will only get off the road when there are concrete actions. Nobody will cheat us – said Andrzej Sobociński, one of the farmers blocking the S7 expressway in Kmiecin (Pomeranian Voivodeship), in front of the TVN24 camera. He also assured that the number of protesters was constantly increasing. Tractors are blocking many key national roads, expressways and highways for another day. This is an expression of opposition to the EU Green Deal and the inflow of goods from beyond the eastern border.

On the S7 road in Kmiecin near Nowe Dwór Gdański, about 200 tractors are blocking the passage. One of the protesters is Andrzej Sobociński from the Pomeranian Chamber of Agriculture. During a conversation with our reporter, he emphasized that with each subsequent day of the protest, “the morale and determination” of the protesters increases. – More farmers are calling us and wanting to join us. The protest will only expand, he emphasized on TVN24.

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He reminded that farmers will be on the roads for another 17 days, although representatives of the parliamentary team will meet with the protesters this Saturday. – We will provide information from the meeting. We will expect very quick action. Mr Prime Minister (Donald Tusk – ed.) lives in Gdańsk and the representatives of the parliamentary team are from Gdańsk. These are our MPs and senators, so I hope there will be a quick reaction. We will very quickly explain to the Prime Minister what the Minister (Czesław – ed.) Siekierski did not tell us – said Andrzej Sobociński.

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When asked whether it was possible to end the protest after the meeting, the TVN24 interlocutor replied that it was not. – We will not shorten the protest. We will leave the path if what we expect happens (…) there is no possibility that someone will deceive us. We simply will not be fooled, we will leave only when there are concrete results, the protester said.

Social support

The TVN24 interlocutor emphasized that the police are directing drivers through detours so that they do not have to stand on the roads near the roadblocks. – We have a set schedule – two hours of blocking, and then we allow traffic for an hour. However, due to the police detours, we have no contact with the people passing by – said Andrzej Sobociński. However, he pointed out that this does not solve the problem, because numerous detours destroy the surrounding roads:

– The district ones are already collapsed and heavily damaged, so the government had better take into account that they need to act quickly – said the farmer.

“Our determination is growing”TVN24

He also emphasized that medical service vehicles would be allowed through the roadblocks. – Getting them to their destination is our priority – assured the farmer. During a conversation on TVN24, he pointed out that protesters feel social support and understanding from other residents:

– More and more farmers come during the day to protest. There are also more people who appear at night and guard the machines. It brings tears to my eyes that people of good will bring us so much food and support us. They keep their fingers crossed for us on social media, they know that we also fight for their existence, for healthy food – said Andrzej Sobociński.

“The contract must be terminated”

The farmer also referred to the transport of agricultural produce from Ukraine.

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– Ukraine is associated with Ukraine and has signed an association agreement for the export of its products. This is an agreement written before the war, when the fetuses were sent to Africa. Now, when Putin blocked the transport, Mr. (Volodymyr – ed.) Zelensky said that he would bring the fetuses to Europe. The contract must be broken and written again, said the protesting farmer.

Main photo source: TVN24

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