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Pomeranian. Whirlwind on Lake Strupino [WIDEO]

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We received a recording showing the whirlwind that formed on Lake Strupino in the Pomeranian Voivodeship on Kontakt 24. – The weather was very sunny and calm, until the wind suddenly broke out – said the Internet user.

Mr. Zbigniew, the author of the recording, said that he observed the phenomenon on Thursday around 1.30 pm during a bicycle ride.

“We saw a vortex forming”

– My wife and I live about 12 kilometers from Lake Strupino and today we went there on bicycles. After arriving at the place, we decided to stop by the shore to rest for a while. The weather was very sunny and calm, until suddenly the wind picked up and then we saw a whirlpool forming above the water surface – he described.

“Everything lasted 20, maybe 25 seconds and it happened very unexpectedly. After a while, the wind began to weaken and the vortex diminished until it disappeared and then the wind stopped as well,” Reporter 24 said.

The phenomenon seen in the video resembles a dust vortex, also called a dust devil, which forms during dry and sunny days over a strongly heated ground surface. Artur Chrzanowski, weather forecaster at tvnmeteo.pl, said that the whirlpool on the lake was probably caused by the strong heating of the water surface. The resulting vertical temperature gradient creates a narrow, strong convection current, he explained.

As with a dust swirl, this phenomenon is short-lived and usually causes no damage.

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Main photo source: Contact 24

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