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Pompeii. The remains of two women and a child were found. They were trying to escape the volcanic eruption

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The remains of three more victims of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD have been found in Pompeii. These are two women and a child. According to archaeologists, when the disaster came, they tried to take refuge in one of the buildings, but they died under its walls.

The Archaeological Park of Pompeii announced on Monday that during the ongoing excavations, the remains of three more people who died after the volcanic eruption in 79 AD were found. They were found in the archaeological site of Regio IX, one of the districts of the ancient city, which was the commercial part of the city, and until now has remained a relatively unexplored area of ​​Pompeii.

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The remains found belonged to two women and a child

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The remains are believed to belong to two adult women and a child aged 3-4. They were found in a building where, according to researchers, there were, among others, laundry, workshop, bakery and food processing facilities. Archaeologists say that victims may have sought refuge there when Vesuvius erupted. All three were found to be injured by the collapse of the building, Italy’s Rai News reported. Remnants of lapilli, i.e. volcanic material thrown out during eruptions, were also found in fragments of the walls.

In addition, in the ruins of the atrium next to the building, archaeologists found two walls with frescoes depicting mythological scenes. One was painted with Apollo and Daphne, and the other with Poseidon and Amymone. Traces of charred furniture, burnt during the fire that broke out at the time of the disaster, were also found.

Recently, archaeologists discovered two other skeletons, two men around 55 years old. Most likely, they died as a result of numerous injuries caused by the collapse of the building. The discovery prompted scientists to formulate a hypothesis that not only the eruption of the volcano, but also the earthquake caused the destruction of Pompeii. The ongoing excavations are aimed at securing and conserving the remains of the destroyed city.

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