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Pope Francis about Daria Dugin: “poor girl”. Apostolic nuncio invited to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

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The Apostolic Nuncio was invited to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kiev after the Pope’s words about the death of Daria Dugina. The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed its disappointment with the statement by Franciszek, who called the daughter of the pro-Kremlin ideologist murdered in the attack “a poor girl”. “The innocent pay for the war,” he said in the general audience on Wednesday. – The Ukrainian heart is tearing because of the Pope’s words – said the head of Ukrainian diplomacy.

– I am thinking of that poor girl, blown up by a bomb under the seat of the car (…) The innocent pay for the war, the innocent (…) – Pope Francis said during the general audience on Wednesdayreferring to killed in the bombing of Daria Duginathe daughter of the ideologist of Russian neo-imperialism, Alexander Dugin.

After the words of the head of the Catholic Church, the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs invited the apostolic nuncio to express its disappointment with this statement.

An unprecedented case

The head of Ukrainian diplomacy, Dmytro Kuleba, noted that the invitation of the apostolic nuncio to the seat of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kiev was preceded by a thorough reading of the pope’s entire quote. – Let me be honest, the Ukrainian heart is torn because of the Pope’s words. It was unfair – assessed the minister, quoted by the Ukrinform agency. He added that the nuncio appeared at the ministry on Thursday.

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Kułeba emphasized that the invitation of the nuncio to the ministry was quite an unprecedented case.

Francis: being an orphan has no nationality

The criticized statement of Pope Francis was made on Wednesday during an audience in the Paul VI Hall Vatican. Addressing the participants of the meeting, among whom was a group of children and teenagers from UkrainePope Francis noted, inter alia, that “the beloved Ukrainian nation has been suffering for six months because of the horror of war.”

– And I think about the children, so many died. About many refugees. There are many of them here. There are so many wounded. So many Ukrainian and Russian children became orphans. Being an orphan has no nationality. They lost their father or mother, both Russian and Ukrainian – he added.

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The Pope on Daria Dugin: I think about this poor girl

The greatest emotions, however, were aroused by the Pope’s statement about Daria Dugin, murdered in Moscow, who he called “a poor girl blown up by a bomb under the car seat”. – The innocent pay for the war, the innocent. Let us think about this reality and say it again: war is madness. And those who make money from the war and the arms trade are criminals. They are murdering humanity – noted Francis.

The Pope’s words were referred to by the Ukrainian ambassador to the Holy See, Andriy Jurasz. “Today’s speech by the Pope was disappointing and made me think about many things: you cannot speak in the same terms about the aggressor and the victim, about the rapist and the raped,” he wrote on Twitter.

Daria Dugin is the daughter of Alexander Dugin, an ideologist of Russian imperialism and a supporter of the invasion of Ukraine. As Ukrinform points out, the murdered woman also supported Russian aggression.

Main photo source: EPA / ETTORE FERRARI

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