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Pope Francis and artificial intelligence. He asked a provocative question

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On Saturday pope Franciszek received representatives of the Italian foundation 100th Year (Polish: 100th anniversary). Its name refers to the social encyclical of St. John Paul II announced in 1991.

The Pope on artificial intelligence. “It is and must remain a tool in human hands”

During the audience Bishop of Rome touched on the issue of the development of artificial intelligence and the challenges that humanity faces as a result.

– It is on the front of technical innovation that the future of the economy, civilization and humanity itself will unfold. Therefore, they must be guided in such a way that they respect the primacy of human dignity, the Pope said.

Francis emphasized that artificial intelligence “is and must remain a tool in human hands.”

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The Pope said that the basic question is what purpose should artificial intelligence serve: the good of humanity or strengthening the power of a few giants? He assessed that it is necessary to introduce regulations that will “limit the monopoly of the power of a few and enable development to the benefit of all humanity.”

At the end of the speech Franciszek he asked – in his own opinion – a provocative question: “Do we really want to call 'intelligence' what it is not? (…)”

– Isn't the misuse of this word, which is so important and so human, no longer a submission to technocratic power? – added.

The Pope on artificial intelligence at the G7 summit

Topic artificial intelligence Francis also touched upon during the summit G7 in mid-June in Puglia, Italy. He was the guest of this event as the first pope in history.

Holy Father he called artificial intelligence a “fascinating and dangerous” tool. – On the one hand, it fascinates with the possibilities it offers, and on the other hand, it generates fear of the consequences it portends – he said.

The Pope emphasized that “because of its radical freedom, humanity has perverted the purpose of its existence, becoming an enemy of itself and the planet.” – Technological tools may suffer the same fate – Francis noted.

He noted that for artificial intelligence programs to be tools for building good and a better tomorrow, “they must always be focused on the good of every human being” and be “ethically inspired”

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