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Pope Francis called for peace. “My thoughts go to the city of Kharkov”

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In his homily during the morning mass in St. Peter's Basilica, Pope Francis called for peace and hope. He emphasized that “we really need hope, we need to raise our eyes to the prospect of peace, brotherhood, justice and solidarity.” – This is the only way of life, there is no other way – he pointed out.

We tirelessly proclaim peace to those who desire warwe proclaim forgiveness to those who seek revenge, we proclaim hospitality and solidarity to those who lock their doors and erect barriers, we proclaim life to those who choose death, we preach respect to those who love to humiliate, insult and reject, we proclaim fidelity to those who break off all bonds, thus confusing freedom with gloomy and empty individualism – he said during the service.

The Head of the Church said that in his actions he tries to ensure that the teachings and instructions of the Church are “gentle and friendly to everyone“.

Pope Francis called for peace: My thoughts go especially to the city of Kharkiv

– There are many wars today. Think about Ukraine – my thoughts go especially to the city of Kharkov, which was attacked two days ago, think of the Holy Land, Palestine, Israel, think of the many places where wars are taking place. May the Spirit guide the leaders of nations and all of us, to open the door to the room – he announced during prayer.

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The pope then mentioned his recent travels in this to prison in Verona. He said that the prisoners there gave testimony that “the life of humanity and hope pulsate” behind the walls of the detention center.

Finally, he wished everyone a good Sunday.

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