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Pope Francis in Mongolia. The visit to Ulaanbaatar will last until Monday

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Pope Francis flew to Mongolia, which he visited as the first bishop of Rome in history. The all-night flight lasted nine and a half hours. The papal plane landed at Genghis Khan Airport in Ulaanbaatar on Friday around 4 a.m. Polish time.

Pope Francis went to Mongolia. The flight route of the Italian airlines plane was 8,278 km and led over the territory of Croatia, Bosnia and HerzegovinaSerbia, MontenegroBulgaria, TurkeyGeorgia, AzerbaijanKazakhstan and China.

Please note that the plane will not fly over Russian territory either on its way to Ulaanbaatar or back to Rome. When asked about this, the director of the Holy See’s press office, Matteo Bruni, replied: “Usually the route that is most convenient at a given moment is chosen. I don’t know about any other reasons.”

The Pope flew to MongoliaVATICAN MEDIA/PAP/EPA

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It is quite rare for a papal flight to take place at night. In 2019, Francis flew overnight from Rome to Bangkok, Thailand, and last year – from the city of Iqaluit in Canada, located in the far north, below the Arctic Circle, to Rome.

Pope Francis in Mongolia

The current trip is a big challenge for the 86-year-old Pope, who decides to go on such long journeys even though he has had trouble moving for a long time due to knee problems, and in June he underwent serious abdominal surgery.

Friday will be a day of rest for Francis after the journey. He will spend it at the seat of the Apostolic Prefecture, where he will spend the night. The visit to Ulaanbaatar will last until Monday.

Main photo source: VATICAN MEDIA/PAP/EPA

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