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Pope Francis: Leaders Will Be Judged by History

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Pope Francis said in a video message on the eve of Pentecost that heads of state “will be judged by history as to whether they have acted for peace.” “There is a war between Christians in Ukraine,” he said.

In a message to the International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Service known as CHARIS on the Sunday Vigil, the Pope stressed: “Tomorrow, with the strength of the Holy Spirit, let us look for a person who has hurt us, whom we do not love for various reasons, perhaps in our family, and let’s ask for forgiveness or let’s forgive and embrace. “

“Yes, we can do something to change the world”

Francis explained: – This is how peace begins, the culture of peace that we must spread. – State leaders will work for peace or not and will be judged by history. The task of each of us is to spread love and overcome hatred with our daily activities. Our children will learn to live like this, and our grandsons will learn from them. Yes, we can do something to change the world, said the Pope.


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Francis said that “the world is marked by a pandemic that has resulted in millions of deaths worldwide.” – And in many parts of it there is hunger and whole nations are forced to live in exile. And there is a war, a war between brothers, a war between Christians, as it is at this moment in the case of the invasion of Ukraine – added Francis.

He then recalled the situation in Yemen and Lebanon, as well as the “martyrdom of the Rohingya people”.

Main photo source: PAP / ANSA

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