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Pope Francis on the approach to migrants: welcome, accompany, promote, integrate

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We often see migrants only as other than us, as strangers, Pope Francis said. He argued that in reality “migrants are an essential part of us”. He indicated the importance of their integration and listed four, in his opinion, key steps in the approach to migrants and the phenomenon of migration.

During the Thursday meeting with the delegation of the Migrantes Foundation, operating at the Italian Bishops’ Conference, Pope Francis recalled the attacks in Brussels in 2016, including at Zaventem airport. The so-called Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attacks. – The perpetrators were Belgians, children of immigrants, but not integrated, living in ghettos – pointed out Franciszek.



Pope Francis on migrants: welcome, accompany, promote and integrate

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In his speech, Francis noted that “we often see migrants only as other than us, as strangers.” – In fact, however, reading the data on this phenomenon [migracji – przyp. red.], we discover that migrants are an essential part of us – he said.

He drew attention to the massive phenomenon of Italian emigration. – This is a reality that is especially close to me, because my family also emigrated to Argentina – he reminded.

As he assessed, “Italian emigration to the European continent should make us aware that Europe is our common home.” – The Church in Europe cannot fail to notice the millions of emigrants from Italy and other countries who are renewing the face of cities and countries. At the same time, they fuel the dream of a united Europe, capable of recognizing common roots and enjoying the diversity of its inhabitants, the Pope said.


In his opinion, “this beautiful mosaic cannot be marred or spoiled by prejudice or hatred hidden under the guise of good intentions”. – Europe is called to revive its vocation to solidarity in subsidiarity – said Francis.

He also listed four steps necessary, in his opinion, in approaching migrants. – Receive, accompany, promote and integrate – the Pope pointed out.

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