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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Pope Francis: today people prefer to have a dog than a child

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– Maybe I shouldn’t say this, but today people would rather have a dog than a child, Pope Francis said during an audience with Italian medical associations. He stated that currently there is a greater demand for veterinarians than pediatricians.

During Saturday’s audience for the Italian associations of pediatricians and otolaryngologists, the Pope once again raised in his speech the issue of the demographic crisis prevailing in Italy.

– This is a country that is, unfortunately, aging. Let us hope that this trend can be reversed by creating favorable conditions so that young people have more confidence and find the courage to become parents, Francis said.

Pope Francis during an audience for the Italian associations of pediatricians and otolaryngologistsANGELO CARCONI/EPA/PAP

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The Pope pointed to two dangerous phenomena

In his speech, he criticized two, in his opinion, dangerous phenomena that are spreading: “the pursuit of health at all costs, the utopia of eliminating diseases by removing the everyday experience of weakness and limitations, and on the other hand – abandoning the weaker and fragile or, in some cases, proposing death as a the only way.”

– Medicine that abandons treatments and entrenches itself in procedures that deprive humanity is no longer the art of healing – he noted. Pope Francis.


Main photo source: ANGELO CARCONI/EPA/PAP

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