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Portugal. Parliament approved legislation to decriminalize euthanasia

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The Portuguese parliament approved the laws on decriminalizing euthanasia proposed by four left-liberal groups in a vote on Thursday. The bill will now go to the desk of the president, who has vetoed laws legalizing euthanasia twice before.

Most members of the Portuguese parliament have rejected the possibility of a national referendum on the legalization of euthanasia proposed by the right-wing Chega party. At the same time, the deputies supported the decriminalization of euthanasia.

President Portugal Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, who vetoed laws legalizing euthanasia twice in 2021 or sent them to The Constitutional Tribunalhe announced that he would only review the regulations approved by the parliament in the near future and decide on a possible veto.

According to the regulations approved on Thursday, patients who suffer extreme suffering and irreversible changes due to the disease would have the right to exercise the right to assisted suicide. Before that, the approval of the medical commission would be necessary.

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Main photo source: Reuters Archive

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