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Portugal. The wind carried the 17-year-old girl deep into the ocean. She was rescued after 22 hours

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Seventeen-year-old Erica Vicente from Portugal was wearing nothing but a bikini when the wind blew her board into the open ocean. She was found after 22 hours, about 40 kilometers from the place of disappearance, informs CNN. The girl initially had symptoms of severe hypothermia, but her condition quickly improved.

As explained by the Portuguese edition of CNN, on Friday, April 14, Erica Vicente swam along the Atlantic beaches in the town of Monte Gordo, located near the popular tourist destination of Algavre. A teenager from the city of Setubal cultivated the so-called paddleboarding, which is the sport of propelling a type of large surfboard (SUP) with paddle movements. According to the portal, at some point a sudden strong gust of wind pushed her away from the coast.

Erica’s father, standing on the shore, was watching the situation. CNN points out that the man threw himself into the water to save his daughter, but was unable to reach her board. When he informed the services that the teenager had been kidnapped deep into the ocean, a search operation began.

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Portugal. 17-year-old girl found 24 hours later by ship

Rescuers, however, were unable to find the girl for almost a day. Only 22 hours after the disappearance of the 17-year-old came across the crew of the powerful Dutch container ship MSC Reef, which was sailing to Moroccan Tangier. CNN emphasizes that Erica was found about 40 kilometers from where she lost control of the board.

The crew pulled the 17-year-old on board. A Portuguese security helicopter took her to a hospital in Faro. Police quoted by CNN said that Erica initially had symptoms of severe hypothermia, but after being taken to the clinic, her condition improved significantly. “Let’s remember that she was wearing nothing but a bikini for the whole cold and windy night, and she spent almost the whole day in full sun,” Alfonso Martins, the local police chief, told the portal. He added that when the girl’s father found out about her discovery, he said that he felt “as if she had been born again.”

Elsa Rocha, a doctor at the Faro hospital, called the teenager “a real fighter”. “She arrived exhausted and slightly disoriented, but that is normal after spending more than 20 hours on the water. She was not dehydrated, no longer had symptoms of hypothermia. It shows how amazing the human body can be,” Rocha said.

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