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Portugal. Vestvind ship sailing to Poland attacked by illegal passengers. Counter-terrorists intervened

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Two illegally traveling passengers terrorized the crew of the Portuguese-flagged merchant ship “Vestvind”. The unit, which was freed from the threat by the Portuguese special forces, heads to Poland.

Registered on the Portuguese island of Madeira, the merchant ship “Vestvind” sails to Świnoujście. According to MarineTraffic, it is due to arrive on July 2.

The vessel left the port of Izmir, Turkey, on June 8. It was in this Turkish city that the 23 and 24-year-old men illegally boarded the vessel and hid in the hold.

The captain, who called for help after finding the threat, was, according to the Portuguese services, together with the crew “in serious danger”.

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Vestvind shipMartin Lueke / Shutterstock

“They were the victims of serious threats to their lives and to the safety of the individual,” the Portuguese authorities said in a statement, adding that both men – the attackers – did not have identity papers.

Counter-terrorists participated in the operation

The intruders, as specified in the communiqué, were neutralized on Friday during a joint operation of the Portuguese special services, in which, among others, participated. anti-terrorist squad. The ship was then sailing near the southern shores Portugal – Algarve.

Citing sources in the Portuguese police, media say there is a suspicion that both men may have links to the criminal world.

“After the intruders were apprehended aboard the ship, the crew found photos on their mobile phones of the two of them standing with Kalashnikov rifles,” SIC TV reported.

The TV station noted that so far the Portuguese authorities have not indicated whether the Syrians were armed, but only that they “endangered the safety of travel towards Poland”.

According to the MarineTraffic service, on Monday morning the “Vestvind” was already in the waters of the Bay of Biscay, north of Portugal, and headed towards Brittany.

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Main photo source: Martin Lueke / Shutterstock

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